From the Pen and Heart of the Publisher – November/December 2014

No matDorri Dadter where we are – we all have a story. Our living and the life we choose is the journey. Each is special and every one unique. As we are all created with a different and special
purpose, finding that “special and unique you” is a part of your work. Do the work. Believe. Become. Be. You are worth it!

Some three years ago, with a passion for writing, a dream and a pen I stepped out – BOLDLY!

Loudoun Woman Magazine is three years young this month and I am proud to have served each and every one of you who have read and or contributed to this journey that is all ahh-amaazing!

Still educating, empowering, inspiring and informing, we look forward to many years of publishing ahead. Our 100 + contributors over the past two years have been exceptionally kind and supportive. YOU are the heart of what we do and for that I say, “THANK YOU!”

Excited about our next steps, I am humbled and filled with excitement as I reflect on the many people who have made this journey extraordinary. Too many to list individually, let me again say, “thank you,” for being a help and a hero as we celebrate and honor Loudoun Woman Magazine, year #3.

Like heroes, you believed and dreamed with us. Some of you fought for us and a few even struggled with us. Mostly like good heroes, you defended, listened and protected the brand by giving your undying support. Ultimately you joined us to spread the good news of a magazine we are proud to publish.

On a personal note, November is a somber reminder to us all of the struggles that we face, and how we can accomplish great things when we come together. My father was a Veteran, and his influence is felt by me daily – but, most especially when I feel the spirit of his legacy with each smile, hug and handshake I am honored to receive in Loudoun.

This anniversary edition – you are my hero and for that I reflect on my mother who is 84 years young and my dad who fought the good fight for almost 80 years. Both are my inspiration daily.

Loudoun Woman Magazine – I salute you and thank you!


Dorri C. Scott

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