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LWM_MJ15_web_Page_07I recently read a lovely article about mothers and our loves. The inspiring words shook every part of my soul. I was enlightened and joyful as I thought about the years spent raising my children. Fond memories filled my heart as tears welled up in my eyes. “Where,” I wondered, “did the years go… so swiftly?”

Like the writer of the article, I have kept a journal for each of my children who are now young adults since birth… Much of their life has been recorded
in words.Grateful for the love and light they bring into my life I wanted each of them to know how important they are to me FOREVER – No matter what! As a mother I invite you to share with your children some of your loves. It is a lifetime gift that only a mother’s love can pass on from one generation to another.

1. Love You – Always. There will be people who will challenge you. Throughout your life, fight for you and love you first. You cannot spread what you don’t have to give.

2. Love those who love you back. Build teams of people who love themselves so that collectively you can love each other – a partner, family, work friends, neighbors, etc. Together with your team(s) you build you can conquer anything and anyone.

3. Love and honor your talents. Find your passion.

4. Love everyone – all races, sexes, colors, creed, religions, ages – Just LOVE everybody. It will make the world better and you too!

5. Love your body. You are perfect just the way God created you – flaws and all. Besides, no one is perfect and everyone is working on a body part they wish they did not have.

6. Love and live in the moment. There is so much joy in the NOW!

7. Love the adventure of living life. It is a journey not a sprint. Take the ride in stride and be grateful.

8. Love music. It will make your heart happy. On a bad day, dance. On a good day teach someone new ways to make great movement.

9. Love justice. Know peace. Be the voice and advocate for one who does not have the courage to stand or who is unable. Don’t worry about their why….just do what is right because every life matters.

10. Love the underserved. Do it with grace and a giving heart.

11. Love history. Learn from those who have travelled the road before you.

12. Love books, READ and LEARN. New thoughts will open up a new world to you.

13. Love animals. Their love is unconditional.

14. Love science. Invent and be innovative.

15. Love every stage of life. There are lessons to learn in every season.

16. Love your Creator and always know that your mother loves you!

By: Dorri C. Scott, Publisher.

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