A Spring and Summer To Do List for College Bound High School Students

college checklistThe 2013/14 school year has been one for the books! It seemed like winter would never end and now it seems like the school year will never end! We are all ready for a nice relaxing break for the summer, but, if you are the parents of high school students who have goals for college one day we have lots to do to prepare for a successful transition from high school to college.

Grade 9:
• Meet with your guidance counselor now to choose the right courses in the fall, especially those math and AP classes the college admissions officers want to see!
• Seek summer employment or volunteer work in a field that may be related to future career interests.

Grade 10:
• Check with your guidance counselor if you should take SAT subject tests in June. Review your math skills over the summer to prepare for SAT/ACT tests in the fall.
• Spend time this summer researching private scholarship requirements and writing essays

Grade 11:
• Meet with your counselor to plan senior year courses with college and graduation requirements in mind.
• Your private scholarship search and writing essays should be a major part of your summer schedule.
• College admissions committees will be interested in how you spent your summer. Look for educational opportunities, internships and keep up your community involvement and volunteer hours.
• Schedule college visits, interviews and engage in social media with the colleges at the top of your list.
• Clean up your Facebook page and other social media platforms!
Grade 12:
• As the acceptance letters roll in make sure you stay on top of notifications, requirements and deadlines by checking into your college student portal daily.
• Continue to apply for private scholarships.
• THANK your guidance counselors and teachers who provided recommendations and guidance. Share your plans and acceptance news with them…they truly do care!

**All grades should seek summer employment, internship opportunities and volunteer work in a field that may be related to future career interests.

–  Luanne Lee, CCPRS

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