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LWMMarchApril2015small_Page_15Frequently adults ask the question,” What should I expect as an adult if I get braces?”

If you think you might benefit from braces it is probably best to set up an appointment with your Orthodontist. Ask your dentist for a referral if you do not have one and of course, we at Jones Orthodontics want to be your first choice when it comes to braces in the Loudoun County.

As you know, (We) Orthodontists are specialists. We are trained to fix problems with teeth that are not aligned properly. We diagnose and assist with preventive care for treatment of dental and facial irregularities.

While I attended Dental School, We (Orthodontists) are specialists. In addition to going to Dental School, we spend 2 additional years in school focused on Orthodontics to specifically help patients with fixing problems and their teeth not properly aligned. Initially after a consultation (which is usually FREE) we take X-rays and photographs in the office. We want to study the underlying bone structure.

Depending on what we find, a treatment plan is written and recommended to the patient. As an Orthodontist with over 20 years of experience, I have
seen the industry change – much of it for the better. Today we offer our patients many options for fixing misaligned teeth. A treatment plan recommended for our patients is recommended based on what we find as the options are numerous. Mostly we want to factor in and consider making
recommendations that benefit you and your lifestyle.

Amongst the factors used to help adults determine whether braces may be an option for you include the following concerns:
– Spacing: Gaps between teeth. This can happen because teeth are missing or as a result of teeth just not filling the “gap.”
– Crooked Teeth
– Overbites: Sometimes called “buck teeth” when the upper front teeth are too far forward over the lower teeth.
– Under Bites
– OpenBite
– Cross Bites

There are many types of appliances considered in our office – both fixed and removable. Each case is different and every patient and his or her lifestyle is considered as we make recommendations for a treatment plan. Generally, the severity of the problem will determine which orthodontic
approach is likely to be the most effective.

Fixed Appliances include:
– Braces – the most common fixed appliance.
– Special Fixed Appliances.

Removable appliances include:
– Aligners.
– Removable Space Retainers.
– Removable Retainers.
– Lip and cheek Bumpers.
– Headgear.
– Jaw Repositioning Appliance (often used for patients we treat for TMJ).

By: John H. Jones III DDS
Jones Orthodontics
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