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koru drumPeople often ask me when is the best time to photograph their children. And the answer is simply, “right now.” Capture them! We are so fortunate to have camera phones to capture every day moments with photos or videos. I only wish I’d had that when my kids were smaller.

But sometimes you will want a professional portrait of your child. Something you can hang on the wall and admire for years to come. So here are my top 5 recommendations for ages and stages to capture your child.

Age 9-14 months: The first year is full of so much change – from rolly-polly bundle to a walking and talking toddler. My favorite age is 9 months, as they are full of smiles and will play with anything. Celebrating the first birthday is also fun, but I recommend waiting until your child is walking (which could be 14 months) as it is so much more fun than more photos of them crawling.

Age 4-5: I LOVE Preschoolers! They have such an inquisitive innocence and just about everything makes them laugh. They love to dress up and pretend and will be very cooperative during the session.

Age 9-10: This is an important time to capture – before they get braces and acne and grow a foot. This is the last time they will look like “kids”. I like to highlight their hobbies or sports or interests. One of my clients commissioned me to capture each of her boys at age 10. For her younger son we brought his drum set into a field for
the memorable shot.

Middle School: These can often be the forgotten years. Sometimes there is so much drama or outside influence that your child doesn’t even give you the chance to take their photo. But if they are open to it, try to have some professional photos done in middle school. Highlight their sports or activities. You will be glad you did.

Senior Year: This is, of course, the most important time to capture your budding adult. They are at a special time in their lives and are looking forward to big changes ahead. When they have left the nest, you will want to have beautiful portraits to remember them by. I specialize in senior portraits in which we capture their many moods with multiple locations, outfits and expressions. Moms often tell me, “You really captured her true personality”.

Spring is finally here, and weather is beautiful so go out and capture your kids today!

– Kristen Staples, Koru Photography, Leesburg

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