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LoudounJanFeb2016HR_Page_39Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest day for food consumption, behind only Thanksgiving. Don’t let this unofficial holiday take your focus away from the game. Sit down, make a game plan and stick to it! Just like there are four quarters in football, there are four things to focus on for the perfect Super Bowl party!

Guest List
Ensure your guest numbers equal the amount of space you have, so that everyone is comfortable and has fun! Be sure to include the time, physical address, what to bring (if anything) and RSVP method on your invitations.

Did you know…
• The average Super Bowl party consists of 17 people

Super Bowl Sunday is about the all-American favorites. Chips and dips, pretzels and mixed nuts are great “munchies,” while nachos, wings and chili are standards. Try “Soup-er” Bowl Sunday (guests bring a pot of their favorite soup to share) and add a big salad, cheese platter and crusty bread for a filling meal. Purchase large trays of food, pre-made footlong subs without any of the work, or, set-up a hot dog station – the options are limitless!

Keep the desserts simple: cupcakes and cookies are portable and hasslefree. Or, try a half-time ice cream bar and ask your guests to bring a favorite topping or ice cream to share.

Did you know…
• There are 8 MILLION pounds of guacamole consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.
• 14,500 TONS of chips are consumed.
• There is a reported 20% increase in the sale of antacids the day after the Super Bowl.

Serve both regular and light beer or provide signature cocktails, like Margaritas, with or without alcohol (be sure to have plenty of alcohol free  beverages on hand – someone has to drive home!). Regular, diet and caffeine free drinks should be offered, along with plenty of water… and don’t forget the ice! Wrap the evening up with a fun coffee station.

Did you know…
• On average, each guest will have 2 drinks the first hour and 1 drink each additional hour.
• 7lbs of ice will be enough to keep 10 cans/bottles cold and count on approximately 20 pieces of ice per person for a 4 hour event.
• 51.7 million cases of beer are sold the week of Super Bowl Sunday.

You don’t have to get fancy with the décor; the big game and commercials are the highlights of the party, so, you do not need to worry about entertaining your guests. Set up a second TV in the kitchen or another room besides your living room to allow guests to spread out. Or, you may have guests attending for the social aspects who may want a quieter place to chat. Just relax and join in on the fun!

There are plenty of football themed items available at the dollar store, party stores or online party suppliers to use for generic décor until the teams are determined. Then you can purchase team mylar balloons and splurge on a few team related items! Consider purchasing some yellow flags and soft foam bricks for guests to toss when upset at the refs. Don’t forget pom-poms or those favorite team towels; whether as decorations or as party props, they add to the fun!

Tina Johnson, President & CEO
JP Events & Consulting

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