Back to School with The Real Housewives of Loudoun County!

back to school loudounThe day is upon us: Loudoun County schools start the new school year on Tuesday, making today the last “real” day of summer vacation. Some of us are ready for our kids to get back into school and back on a schedule. Others have been enjoying the extra hours of sleep and no pressure to get homework done. And, of course, there are the new kindergarten parents who are about to send their babies off to school, meeting that “big kid” milestone head on. Whatever your take on a new school year is, rest assured, you’re not alone. Loudoun has great schools, great kids… and, of course, a group of great moms who are in the parenting trenches daily. Which is why, of course, we asked The Real Housewives of Loudoun County:

What is your biggest concern with the beginning of the school year approaching?

Roxce: A new school year for me is just that, ” new”, and that can be scary for some parents and kids but not my children;  I do the worrying for them.  I have to mentally prepare myself for anything that comes my kid’s way, such as dealing with friends, bullies, and new teachers.  There is only so much I can do because I can’t spend the whole day at school with them, so I wait and prepare myself for any problems they may come home with and hope that any of my wisdom will rub off on them.
Maria: I would say that my biggest concern for the start of school year is how I can be a more proactive mom in my children’s classrooms. With all the testing they will have this year my 7th and 3rd grader are already stressing out about all the work they have to do for the big tests during the school year. Managing to get them up in the morning will be one of the hardest tasks since they haven’t had to wake up at a certain time this whole summer. Homework and making sure they do it, hand it in on time and not hate it is also a big concern here in my home.  With my daughter in softball year round, balancing her time with studies,  practices and games during the week drives me crazy but having balance with all of this is key and easier said than done.  School is something the kids should always look forward to and I feel this year things are different, so many cuts have been made and it’s very disturbing to say the least.  I love seeing the kids get super excited for the first day and I just hope they carry that same momentum throughout the school year. As in life there are always challenges but it’s how we handle them that make it worthwhile. I will do my best to be “THAT” mom this year and every year with my kids and hope all parents take the time to do the same.  The kids need us more than we know.
Kimmy: This is my daughter’s last year of preschool, so not too many concerns as of yet. We live in Ashburn but she attends preschool in Herndon, since we both work full time, we need my parents to pick her up. Because of this schedule, the thing we always struggle with are the mornings, getting her up and dressed and out the door on time! Every morning she has school is a battle and rushed! Since she only goes every other day, I feel like its not routine enough for her. Also, since this is her last year, most of my concerns are actually for the following year, hoping she transitions easily into kindergarten!
Rachael:  My biggest concern with the school year approaching would have to be homework. I wasnt a fan of it when I was in school and still not a fan now that Im a parent. I want to spend time with my son after school, but with dinner, showers, and bedtime, and having to fit in homework that leaves us no time. I understand and agree with having to study, and keep things fresh in their minds, but I wish it was sent home to be returned at the end of the week so you can do it on your terms. I know the teachers are under pressure and its not their fault. Its just my preference, what would work better for our family. Otherwise, we are looking forward to the upcoming school year and seeing what 5th grade is all about!
real housewives of loudoun county

Maybe next time, we should find out how the RHOLC gang treats themselves after surviving summer break! Be sure to check back for more expert tips from this great group of women, and definitely check out the group on Facebook!

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