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Ahhh, the holidays. A special time for togetherness, and for reaching out to loved ones you haven’t seen in far too long. What do you envision with you think of the holidays? Do you see arriving guests, a bustling kitchen, coats and hats stuffing the closet? Do you conjure up smells of pumpkin pie, the turkey roasting slowly for hours, a crackling fireplace? Do you hear the squeals of children laughing, moments of quiet conversations and the not so quiet football games on the television? How about a major remodeling project? Stop the music.

What is it about the holidays that fills us with the nesting urge? I suggest the reason is found above; it is our innate sense of togetherness, of bonding, of sharing. My experience as a Home Improvement Contractor is that people fall into two camps this time of year. Either they don’t want you anywhere near their home, or they want to undertake a critical project, to satisfy that need for perfection. A designer had recommended me to a mutual friend wanting bathrooms done for the holidays. It was mid-September, and Thanksgiving guests were due to arrive November 17th. Could we do 6 bathrooms in 2 houses in 6 weeks? Absolutely!

There were 3 baths to remodel in each home, about 5 miles apart. The first home had just the three, so we’d have to stagger their remodels to leave one available at all times. Even though the second house had 4 baths, we did the same so at least there was always a full working bath upstairs. Two flights of stairs to the morning shower is NOT recommended. Fortunately we persuaded the client to agree.

Five of the baths were relatively straightforward. The large master bath, not so much. With a long narrow space, it was a challenge just to get everything to fit appropriately. The client wanted to remove the tub to replace it with a large shower, as well as move the toilet to the other end of the room some 11’ away! I knew we COULD do it, but was more concerned with the details of HOW. Pulling up the subfloor provided a huge break. The joists were perpendicular to the rest of the house, which made our job relatively easy.

Details Home Services Before Bathroom

The before shot above shows the original tub, with the toilet, vanity, and original shower seen in the recessed mirror. The picture below is from the same vantage point, but with a wider camera lens. Note the under cabinet lights washing the granite counters, and the glass mosaic framing the mirrors.

Details Home Services After Bathroom

The shower niche below is an added bonus, with the shelving being fabricated by radius cutting the same marble used for the shower curb and thresholds. It not only provides useful hidden storage, but also gives visual and tactile relief to the otherwise flat wall.

The hall bath on the same level had a more transitional feel. It blends the classic style of the master bath with modern mirrors and a Mission style light. The same rich tones are used for the vanity, but the mix of elements creates a more transitional style.

Details Home Services Bathroom Remodel

So, what’s your holiday wish? If you need some inspiration give us a jingle (pun intended). We’re ready, willing, and more than able to deliver. Use the coupon below to help bring your vision to life, and save a little at the same time. A little holiday cheer from us, to you!

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