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Bring the outdoors in

It is that time of year where we have all longed for sunshine and warm weather and to walk outside without a wool coat on. Am I right? So while the warm days are hopefully here to stay, why not invite them in to a beautifully designed indoor space inspired by the outdoors…

Color is a great way to feel alive and fresh. My clients wanted a place to enjoy their morning coffee or evening wine and feel their beautiful setting from inside of their home. I selected these warm and fresh colors including, an apple green color for their loveseat, the focal point of their room. The green breathes life and screams FRESH and is the perfect contract to the more neutral draperies, which are calmer in color to allow the true outdoor foliage to come into the room.

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Texture is another way to invite the outdoors in. The rattan chair is a great example of how a texture evokes a natural feeling. It is a large statement piece in the room and is a nice contrast to the soft and cushy loveseat. The wool rug is another great natural texture in the room that is a soft and durable anchor of the space. Lastly, the floor lamp boasts a fun knotted rattan accent to tie it all together.

In this room I took more literal on the draperies and used a true leaf design that is subtle in color and really connects the indoor/outdoor feelings. The execution of the drapery panels, hanging from short poles, keeps as much of the windows open as possible and allows for the trees and natural feel to pour into this space.

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Taking that openness one step further, this room shows how you can pull off a gorgeous space without window treatments. We set out to create a comfy and cozy family hang out spot while feeling like you were sitting outside on the patio, all year round. I chose a floral pattern on the lounge chairs as they are across from the windows to connect the indoor/outdoor vibe. The soft colors combined with the openness and incoming light make this room to hang out in all year long and feel connected to nature.

Do you have a space that could bring the outdoors into your home? When we first saw our current home, the then homeowners were using the ‘sun room’ for a sitting area and the smaller nook in our kitchen for their dining table in the light filled space on the back of the house.

Hopefully you are inspired to bring the outdoors in to your home so that you can feel the natural inspirations all year long. And even if you cannot devote an entire room to this style, you could consider finding a corner or small space of your home to turn into your happy place. And if we can be of help, please come and see us!
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