The Top 6 Most Common College Funding Mistakes Made by Parents | Luanne Lee, CCPRS

Misunderstanding Your EFC

The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is the portion of your family’s income and assets that the government expects you to cover out of pocket each year before financial aid kicks in. The EFC comes from filing an annual FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Unless your student qualifies for Merit Scholarships, financial aid will only cover the costs leftover above and beyond your EFC.

Many parents, when they learn what their family EFC will be, often ask if one parent should stop working to reduce the EFC. While it doesn’t make sense to earn less money to receive more financial aid, you can reduce the EFC considerably by structuring the family assets into accounts not counted on the FAFSA. Everyone should file the FAFSA!

Education Tax Breaks

The Hope Scholarship and the Lifetime Learning Credit are substantial college funding tax benefits available to many middle-class Americans. These benefits, which come in the form of a tax deduction or tax credit, can put $1,500 to $2,000 back in your pocket at tax time. The key on qualifying for these benefits depends on how you paid for college tuition the year before. Unfortunately, many parents miss out on these credits or deductions by not understanding the strategies needed to take advantage of these credits and deductions.

Not Accepting the Federal Stafford Student Loans

Every year in the spring and summer I receive calls from parents that start out: “Luanne, you don’t know me. Terri suggested we should call since you are probably the only person who could help us”. I dread these calls because I already know where this conversation is going. They have a child already in college. They have used up their personal resources to pay for college. They have just been turned down for the parent PLUS and private lender loans. They are looking for a miracle so their son or daughter won’t have to drop out of college. They usually have 2 other children at home who now have NO college funding since they used up their resources for the oldest child. The sad part is most of the time I find they turned down the offer of the Federal Student Loans. If they hadn’t turned down those loans they may have had enough resources left to finish paying for college. Why did they not accept those loans when offered on the student’s financial aid award? They didn’t want their child to have any student debt. What they failed to realize college costs have risen faster than most Americans can keep up. None of us can save enough to fully pay for college anymore. The Federal student loan program helps parents and students finance a college education for a minimal interest rate and fairly reasonable terms. Plus, I am a firm believer our kids need to have some skin in this game of paying for college!

Underestimating Inflation

According to the College Board, college costs increase on average 4-6% every year. Well over 500% since the 1980’s when you went to college! The average family can’t possibly save enough to fully fund a 4year university program anymore. With proper planning and time on your side you can take advantage of the other areas where you can save ON the cost of college that will help offset the never-ending creep of inflation.

Not Understanding Savings Options

You can save money for college in many types of financial vehicles, from a simple savings account, checking account, CD’s, stocks, life insurance, annuities, real estate, Roth IRA, 529 plan, etc. Unfortunately, not all of these accounts are created equal. Some will count against you on the FAFSA, others have fees and expenses or taxable consequences. The first step in choosing the right vehicle to save for college is to understand your options. Know the pros and cons to find the right account for your family. When it comes to saving, there is no right or wrong way, there are just some accounts that will be more efficient than others.

Using Your Retirement Funds to Pay for College

The biggest college planning mistake many parents make is using existing retirement funds to pay for college. Whether you take out a loan or cash in your retirement account, either way you are setting yourself up for retirement failure. You may have extra fees, expenses, tax consequences and lost opportunity of compounding interest. Just remember, if you don’t have sufficient funds saved for college you have other alternatives. You can borrow for college, start at a 2year college and transfer, scholarships, military, trade school, etc. Once you are ready to retire the one thing you can’t do is to borrow for retirement!

There are many other funding mistakes we could add to this list but we will run out of space. Don’t go into this most expensive time of your life with your head in the sand. Don’t follow the crowd. Know what options you have that will be right for your family.

Luanne Lee, CCPRS

Make Your Man More Stylish | Lori Bowlin

The assumption men are clueless on style isn’t really all that true, at least not if you ask him. But we all know there is a strong likelihood the favorite guy in your life could use a few tips. Style doesn’t have to be complicated, and guys don’t have to be fashion-forward to dress well. If your guy is open to suggestions and willing to try something new, here are several ways to “up” his style.

 Throw Out the Old

It’s ok for him to hold on to that college sweatshirt to wear around the house on lazy weekends. But make sure it’s not making its way into regular circulation. A closet purge should be done at least once a year to get rid of items that don’t fit, are out of style, or are beginning to show wear.

Keep the Basics Looking Good

Take care of those items that get more use or are easily distressed. White needs to stay white; leather shoes should be polished, and collars should be uncurled.

Climb the Ladder

Take one item from his go-to outfit and trade it out for an item one rung up the ladder. For example, trade out the jeans for a pair of brushed suede 5-pockets. Or trade the t-shirt for a polo. Small changes can make a big difference.

Layer Up

Adding a layer can immediately make someone look more pulled together. A reversible vest is a great option for fall and spring. A scarf or sweater layer is great for winter. And a blazer is appropriate in all seasons.

Streamline His Fit

Gone are the days when oversize was trendy. Chances are, your guy is wearing his clothes too big. Even a big guy will look less polished when wearing clothes that don’t fit properly. Having a tailor make a few minor adjustments is sometimes all that’s needed.

Haircut Exploration

Instead of hitting the same barber, have him try going somewhere new for a cut. A different hairstyle can change his entire look dramatically.

The Extra 10%

If your guy is already pretty stylish, focus on the extra touches and investment pieces. Tie bars, pocket squares, watches and great shoes can show he really knows how to pull it together!

Work with a Stylist

Women do it all the time, but most guys don’t realize this type of service is also available for them. A lot of guys don’t enjoy shopping, so having someone work with them one-on-one at their home or office is very appealing. A stylist will take measurements and have a conversation about style and fit preference and then help build an outfit or wardrobe that reflects what they’re looking for.

Lori Bowlin, Stylist & Founder

Spring Cleaning | Roderick Smith

After a long winter of reduced activity or inactivity, you might be tempted to get outside and train as soon as the weather improves. You may also be tempted to exercise at the same level you did at the end of the last season. But such enthusiasm often leads to early season injuries.

It’s the perfect time to reignite your motivation by breaking away from your boring gym routine and embracing the great outdoors. Kick off spring with a healthy start by getting the right gear, revamping your routine and doing some “spring cleaning”. Here are some tips for avoiding injuries as you increase your exercise this spring. Before you start any exercise regime, consult your physician.

  • Start off Slow. Prepare your body for your exercise program — especially if you used the cold weather as an excuse to become a couch potato.
  • Monitor Your Level of Exertion. Start with a slow exercise program — an easy walking regimen and a stretching routine. This will prepare you for most casual sports, like jogging, golf and tennis.
  • Increase Your Training Slowly. “A good starting point is to begin at a level that is manageable using common sense, and underestimate your ability. If you start your exercise without preparation , you put your body at risk for some form of an overuse injury.”
  • Give Yourself Some Credit. If you took the winter off, don’t expect to be back to peak fitness in a week or two. It’s ok to go slow and just enjoy being outside again.
  • Have a Support System. Having a strong support system, made up of friends, family, a coach or a strong team is an important part of living an active life!


There’s a lesson here: After you prepare your body for spring activities, then spend the warm-weather months healthy and active, don’t let it all go to waste by hibernating next winter. Stay strong year round, so you don’t have to start that exercise program all over again. You aren’t competing, and you aren’t burnt out yet. So just relax and enjoy your activity.

2 Pigeon Hill Drive, Suite 400, Sterling, VA 20165
Call: 703.430-7090

I-CARE Project Manager | Tony Ivey, Sr.

Tony Ivey serves as the Vice President and director of operations for I-CARE, Inc. He moved to the Northern Virginia area in 1987 after graduating from Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Engineering Technology.

In 1993, Tony, a project manager by trade, took some time off from his management responsibilities in the private sector to assist I-CARE in documenting compliance to state regulations that allowed the company to become a licensed home health organization in Virginia.

Throughout the 90s, Tony continued to help Donna establish and manage I-CARE while still working in his field outside of the home. When Donna decided to create a home office, Tony constructed and created a beautiful office out of their large basement suitable to fit 3-4 employees. Tony has also constructed custom assistive devices for clients.

Donna saw the talented attributes Tony had, and asked him to come work for I-CARE full time in 2002. Tony not only brought his construction management background, but also his financial, human resource and organizational skills.

In 2004 when Tony, & Donna’s daughter became physically disabled with Multiple Sclerosis, Tony transformed their living room into her bedroom. There, she would have enough room to navigate her wheelchair and other assistive devices. Tony understood it was also important to have Ashley on the first level of their home for safety reasons. Later, he worked with contractors to install a chair lift in their home so that Ashley had the option of going upstairs, as well as ramps to make transporting Ashley easier.

Utilizing his medical experience from I-CARE, Tony was able to expertly help his two parents who Alzheimer’s.

Tony realized his skills and experience could be used to help clients who wanted to stay at their home safely. Tony also provides livability safety assessments for clients. Homebound clients request his services when they need a trustworthy person to install stair lifts, shower benches, ramps and home additions that allow clients to stay in their home. Tony vets all contractors and manages the entire project, ensuring all clients needs are met.

Fusion Academy Loudoun County

Fusion Academy will open campuses in Loudoun, VA and Rockville MD In September 2017, in addition to their Alexandria VA, Washington DC, and Tysons Corner VA existing campuses Fusion is a revolutionary learning community that builds personal relationships and customized education solutions for every student. Serving grades 6 through 12, Fusion’s individualized teaching methodology unlocks students’ academic potential while also creating opportunities for emotional and social growth. Following the successful opening of three campuses in the D.C.-metro area last year, Fusion is expanding with fourth and fifth local campuses to meet the increased demand for high-quality and unique educational options.

“One-to-one, relationship-based teaching echoes the way we have educated our next generation of students throughout most of human history,” said Jeremiah Hakundy, Head of School at Fusion Tysons. “It seems revolutionary by today’s standards, but it’s also the most natural way to educate. We can precisely meet students of all capabilities where they are currently, as well as provide truly individualized instruction with meaningful connections, support, and genuine understanding. We are able to catch students up on content, accelerate to the next level, and foster a nurturing and successful environment for students for whom the traditional classroom is holding them back for whatever reason—including social and learning differences, highly gifted and twice-exceptional students, and students and families who benefit from flexible scheduling.” The Alexandria location is led by Lori Lank-ford, a University of Tennessee graduate and experienced education administrator. Lori’s passion is developing, implementing, and supporting programs that provide exceptional academics and a well-rounded educational experience.

The Alexandria location is led by Lori Lankford, a University of Tennessee graduate and experienced education administrator. Lori’s passion is developing, implementing, and supporting programs that provide exceptional academics and a well-rounded educational experience. Tysons campus is led by Jeremiah Hakundy, a Harvard graduate and experienced teacher and education administrator. Fusion offers flexible scheduling to meet the growing demands students face outside of school. At Fusion, homework is completed in the Homework Café® on campus, and no work goes home at the end of the school day. This enables students to spend quality time with family and friends while simultaneously making sure they receive the instructional support they require to complete assignments. “Having worked with adolescents for almost a decade in both educational and therapeutic settings, I have witnessed firsthand how focusing on individuals’ strengths and contributions

At Fusion, homework is completed in the Homework Café® on campus, and no work goes home at the end of the school day. This enables students to spend quality time with family and friends while simultaneously making sure they receive the instructional support they require to complete assignments. “Having worked with adolescents for almost a decade in both educational and therapeutic settings, I have witnessed firsthand how focusing on individuals’ strengths and contributions leads to students’ emotional and academic success,” said Rachel Bailey, parenting specialist and consultant. “Fusion’s emphasis on respect-based teacher-student relationships, as well recognizing each student’s unique qualities is refreshing, and I am confident that it will be effective in helping many students meet their potential. I am excited to see a variety of learners in our area benefit from their presence in our community.” The Fusion Loudoun campus will be located at 19307 Promenade Drive, Leesburg VA 20176. Fusion Academy was founded in San Diego, CA, more than 20 years ago out of frustration with the status quo in traditional K-12 schools. Fusion’s one-student-to-one-teach-er model proved to unlock academic potential while opening opportunities for emotional and social growth.

The Fusion Loudoun campus will be located at 19307 Promenade Drive, Leesburg VA 20176. Fusion Academy was founded in San Diego, CA, more than 20 years ago out of frustration with the status quo in traditional K-12 schools. Fusion’s one-student-to-one-teach-er model proved to unlock academic potential while opening opportunities for emotional and social growth.

To enroll your child at Fusion today, or for more information, visit or call (855) 826-4355 to speak with someone regard-ing the Loudoun campus.


Has Anyone Here Seen My Sex Drive? | Dr. Gloria Ivey-Crowe


Although women aren’t usually out asking to find theirs, many a partner is asking that questions to themselves. This question however, applies to both men and women. Your libido or desire for sex is affected by emotional, spiritual, physical, psychological factors. Some of these factors affected your libido indirectly and directly while in the womb.

So really what stars have to line up for you to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Well, for females and I’m sure Steve Harvey has hit on it in one of his books, most women don’t just respond at the drop of the hat or dare I say draws, pants, boxers or whatever. We are emotional beings 99% of the time and require some emotional stage setting before the flame is put on simmer. We want to be stroked psychologically, emotionally and physically.

Intelligence is a turn-on for most persons of either sex. So a good place to start.

Making that person feel special on a regular basis and doing nice things “just because I love you” and not because its a birthday or anniversary gets brownie points too. But whoa, wait a minute before we get to this point you’ve got to remember that my upbringing, my parents, my surrounds, all that and a bag of chips impacted me in ways that I may not even recognize. For those of us who are not MILLENNIAL but BABY BOOMERs where we were raised and by whom most definitely affected our desires. Being exposed to theology as a Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic, Lutheran, Muslim shaped our first views on our body as well as intimacy or the lack thereof. Just think if our parents found it hard to talk about our body parts, our menstrual cycles, any discussion was taboo. Thus how many grew up thinking it was dirty and didn’t say the work sex until well into adulthood. “Intercourse” sounded cleaner right? So being raised with a moral compass from the South, everything was planned, missionary position and no exploration of anything else was done. Men were the aggressors and women were docile and waited to be told when the man was ready. Keeps your libido in check uh . . . Men had porn magazines and videos; women had . . . I don’t know besides the ones who were considered “ladie of the night” nobody else had any real experience to compare. If you were on your cycle that gave you an excuse not to and pregnancy gave you an excuse not to as well.

For those who didn’t like their bodies and who felt ugly inside and out, no doubt they wouldn’t be having any fuel to light the fire. But truly how one thinks plays such a vital role in their perception of life and others. There are people who are considered hyposexual . There is no real desire for sexual activity at all. As opposed to the person who is hypersexual ; who desires sex all the time. Both can be disorders affecting a person in their early years and becomes more problematic when they are in more serious relationships. Low libido is not considered hyposexual but a decrease desire which in most cases can be altered by solving the underlying problem.


For many of these, lifestyle changes and modifications are easy remedies. But for many easier said than done. For low hormones, supplementing hormones with creams, gels, or pellets will do the trick. For those factors that affect our psyche they will require the help of a therapist along with medications. For the menopausal women the discomfort she experiences can be remedied with the use of lasers ( THERMIVA or MONA LISA) . Three monthly 15-30 minute sessions, I say worth their weight in gold. The pink pill was a bust and not helpful for the average women. It may prove helpful for the hyposexual arousal disorder person but not most low libido patients. However, the blue pill along with Cialis has served the men well.

So many women come to their appointments and I ask how’s your sex life. The non verbal speaks way before words come out of their mouths. I say he didn’t sign up to end having pleasurable time with his wife in her 40s and up. Haven’t you guys heard that STDS are highest in nursing homes among the elderly. Somebody is doing something? Men what are you willing to pay for themselves upwards of $100s of dollars if it will get them back in the game. Women are willing to just let it ride, do nothing and go to sleep Ladies why not invest in you and give us a call to see how we can help.

Sounds like a lot to maneuver around but YOU’RE WORTH IT!!!


Women Physicians of Northern Virginia

46179 West Lake Drive
Suite 350
Sterling, VA 20165

For more information call 703.463.9568
or visit

SottoPelle® Hormone Replacement Therapy | Linda E. Coleman, MD

SottoPelle® is a science-based, safe and effective bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and women. Our method goes beyond just treating symptoms. SottoPelle® restores the hormonal balance it needs for optimum function. Unlike pills, patches, creams and other methods, SottoPelle® uses a unique form of pellet therapy that works around the clock for 3 months or longer. No mess. No hassle. No rollercoaster surging and plummeting of hormone levels. And it is the only hormone replacement therapy that responds when the body needs more.

Research shows that testosterone and estrogen play important roles in your overall health. They support cardiovascular health, bone health, brain health, sexual vitality and many other functions. When menopause or andropause occur, hormone production fades. Without sufficient levels of testosterone and/or estradiol, the body’s systems become depleted, out of balance and simply cannot function well. Your body ages and the possibility of aging-related disease looms. Many men and women feel like they’ve lost something they can’t regain—their quality of life.

Today’s trends in medicine focus on the preventive and proactive. Staying healthy into old age depends on many things including lifestyle and genetics. It also makes perfect sense to replenish what the body needs. That’s why we supplement vitamins and minerals. It’s also why we use hormone replacement therapy to restore internal equilibrium.

SottoPelle’s unique hormone replacement therapy relies on science, not guesswork. Our pellet therapy incorporates many features that other hormone replacement methods lack, even other pellet therapies.

1. We use the highest quality bioidentical pellet implants for our therapy.

2. We apply a proprietary, web-based application for accurate dosing

3. We employ a unique pellet insertion procedure to ensure a steady, consistent dose.

4. We’ve been doing this a long time. We are experts at what we do.

SottoPelle® bioidentical hormone replacement not only relieves symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety, sleep disturbances, lack of sex drive and others, it also reestablishes vitality and well-being. Working in partnership with your body, our hormone replacement therapy recreates healthy balance. This, in turn, provides essential support to your body’s vital organs and systems.

Linda Coleman, M.D.
Coleman Primary Care
2 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Suite 400
Sterling, VA 20165
(703) 430-7090

Letter from the Publisher | Dorri C. Scott

Dear Reader Friend,

I am kicking up my heels and proudly wearing my red shoes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

It is almost spring (my favorite season), I can hardly wait for the newness that will unfold. It was such a looong election year and now I am embracing my next steps and invite you to join me. Together let’s “pump” it up, one day at a time!

To those committed to being the change you want to see in Loudoun and beyond: spring forward and get it done. One person can make a difference, will YOU be that ONE?

Our contributors including Cover WOMAN Donna M. Ivey started with ONE. Some 25 years later, she and her family are making a difference for the ONE who matters most in the eyes of her families served. Learn more about the I-CARE Family Affair that was created with “One” thought. (Page 19)

Graciously, Nurse Amanda takes it one face at a time. A Nurse with a strong health and wellness consciousness, she wants to enhance your look. With her debut in Virginia WOMAN Magazine and her upcoming Grand opening, there is much to celebrate! Finally, there is something for that ONE man in your life. Lori Bolin, a Men’s stylist shares thoughts on helping that ONE guy dress it up.

I’m forever pleased to see you while in my travels, on Facebook, and at the many events in the area we partner with. I’m forever honored to make YOU that ONE who every WOMAN is proud to be a part of. Thank you.

Happy Spring,



DateME Boutique Offers Healthier Sugar Alternative | Huda Batterjee

Attending the Metrocooking DC show was a great start to 2017. It was nice to see all the businesses in the Metro DC area working hard to set their goals for the new year. We were able to meet many companies who have the same goals as we do; to provide a healthier alternative to refined sugar in their customers’ daily diets.

Date paste is a paste made of the naturally dried fruit from the date palm. DateME Boutique uses the top four of the three hundred and sixty types of dates found in Saudi Arabia. Dates have been found to be a superfood that provides the majority of nutrients needed on a daily basis. For centuries caravans crossing the deserts of the Middle East were able to survive just by eating dates and drinking milk.

The paste provides an easy way to incorporate nutrients such as magnesium, iron, and fiber into our busy daily lives. DateME Boutique has done all the hard work of pitting and processing the dates into a paste. Since the dates are naturally preserved, there is no need to add any preservatives or additives. Therefore, it is an all-natural and single ingredient product. Which appeals to those with allergies or those looking to eliminate unwanted additives in their food. It is gluten free, processed sugar-free, vegan and paleo friendly. It provides a safe and easy way to make healthy treats that don’t have the unwanted extras that seem to be in readymade health products on store shelves. The shelf life is long; it can last up to six months in an airtight container in a cool dry place and up to one year refrigerated. It is available all year round on our website

Ten things We Learned from Attending Metrocooking DC 2016

  1. Be organized (payments, notes, business cards).
  2. Know your product inside out.
  3. Make sure you have change.
  4. Be personable and approachable.
  5. Get to know your client.
  6. People can be hesitant to try something new until you talk to them about it.
  7. A smile and a kind word can go a long way.
  8. Don’t be afraid to Ask for help or directions.
  9. Patience can take you a long way.
  10. Set a goal but be okay with slow and steady business.

Huda Batterjee, Co-founder

Women’s Crusade For Equality | Patricia D. Wirth

Nationally renowned historian and author Edith Mayo ends her suffrage presentations with these simple, but profound words: “Visibility in the past; empowerment in the present.” The Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association’s purpose is to educate, inspire and empower present and future generations to remain vigilant in the quest for equal rights for all – not just women, but equality for women would be a great place to start!

The Suffragist Memorial will honor the five million women – from every state, creed, race and nationality – who fought 72 years to win enfranchisement; the Turning Point Institute will provide age-appropriate insight, training and skills to catalyst young women into leadership roles aimed at achieving equality. Without the Equal Rights Amendment American women are not equal under the Constitution according to the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, but having the memorial as a stop on The Constitution Trail in Virginia will place it among prominent, well-known historical sites to raise visibility toward such empowerment as Ms. Mayo advocates. Without the right to vote, women – YOU – would not have been able to advance in education, employment, wealth, civil rights, business ownership, parental rights, etc.

Turning Point has 25 months to raise $2,000,000 to construct the memorial in time for the 100th anniversary of certification of the 19th Amendment that gave all American women the right to vote.

Please get involved! Donate or volunteer; we cannot do this alone. www.suffragistmemorial. org. Contact Pat Wirth with your questions, or 703-201-3171.

By: Patricia D. Wirth, Executive Director Turning Point Suffragist Memorial

All rights reserved Ruby Red Press LLC 2016