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Now is the time to buy or sell in Loudoun County, where Washington Magazine (April 2013) cited 7 golden zip codes. Everything is looking up, homes are selling – AGAIN, Loudoun County neighborhoods are the place to be.

A community built on family, easy living and the good life, Loudoun County is Golden! Established in 1757 from neighboring Fairfax County, Loudoun has changed a lot – especially the county has grown exponentially over the last 20 years.

Don’t expect to see heavy ore haulers or drills heading down Market Street in Leesburg. Again those acres of farm land have been replaced with residential houses brimming with families and schools ranked amongst the highest in the country. An American treasure, Loudoun County is less than 30 minutes from the nation’s capitol, Washington, DC, – looking good and growing!

From Ashburn, to Leesburg, to Purcellville CC Sells wants to help every buyer find the perfect home in a county which takes much pride in it’s natural beauty and vigorous booming wine industry. No, we won’t be digging up most of Leesburg or dredging the Goose Creek, from the great Loudoun “gold rush” albeit, we offer Loudoun residents a plethora of ways to sell in a great county.

The discovery of “gold,” in the forms of a four bedroom colonial on a quarter acre lot is causing Loudoun’s real estate to become quite the hot commodity. Luke Mullins wrote in “Seller’s Market” (April 2013, Washington Magazine) about the growing value of Loudoun County properties. As he describes it, “Golden Zip Codes” are a most valuable part of Metro Washington D.C. area. CC Sells is proud to know and help clients interested in buying from one of the top seven zip codes mentioned in the article. Needless to say, CC says “Loudoun has struck gold,” and “I am here to help you enjoy the golden opportunity in the house of your dreams.” For sure with almost half of the towns in the county making the list, there is not a happier Realtor in the county.

While real estate is always a hot topic, the changing market makes for great conversation and good news especially for sellers. Amongst one of a couple’s finest moments and biggest life achievements, outside of the wedding or having children, purchasing a home is one of the biggest events. It is every couple’s dream and CCSells want to be a part of making that dream come true for those she serves in Loudoun County. Known as one of the highest earning counties in Virginia and the United States, Loudoun County is the place to be.

The real estate market is on a sustainable and positive upward rise. And while buyers and sellers in the past have been worried about another ‘bubble burst,’ like the one experienced in 2005, it is clear, the tide has changed. Houses are selling. Buyers are excited and the time is NOW!

CC started her career in real estate in the 1980’s as a stand alone agent. She has seen the highest highs and the lowest lows in the country. Today, with a full team, she and her staff, including her son Andy Cormack, are a positive force in the community. While it may have initially been scary to see the fast rise in prices, the increases have been steadily occurring over the past couple of years. Confident in today’s market, CC is happy to share more about what she thinks and how to properly sell (or buy) in a market that has changed.

Fast-forward – “We are poised for greatness,” CC says, “This is the new normal.”

Dorri Scott
Loudoun Woman Magazine

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