Celebrate Women’s History Month!

dorri shoeWhile March is the month we happily usher in spring (especially after a wintry wonder of snow, ice and bitter cold days) I am reminded, it is HERSTORY month. March is Women’s History Month – a month to celebrate, honor, recognize and honor the accomplishments and contributions made by women in this great country.

Celebrating “Women of Character, Women of Commitment,” the Women’s History Project recognizes many greats this month; many of which are highlighted on page 5. The collection of writers, social workers, humanitarians, physicians, activists, politicians, and lawyers are women we can all be proud of as each is leaving a legacy we have much to be proud of. Through their diligence and steadfast work, we are all today’s benefactors.

Daily, we live and enjoy life differently thanks to the honorees highlighted and others like Bella Abzug, Shirley Chisholm, Zora Neale Hurston, Florence Nightingale, Rosa Parks, Jane Addams, Elizabeth Blackwell, Catherine the Great, Amelia Earhart and Marian Wright Edelman … just to name a few.

Reminded of how much everything in life changes, I am humbled as I honor my mother this year, at this place in time. Ms. Cloria B. Scott; my mother of 80+ years (my ‘Morning Glory” as I affectionately call her) is a history maker in voluminous ways. Traveling from the deep south for a better life at a time when everything was separate (and not equal), she worked hard, believed, stood tall, marched and fought at political events, marches and her church in hopes for a better tomorrow for daughters like me. For so many women she stood the test of time with grace hoping that tomorrow would be better (and, it is). Too, like many who came with and before her, without texts, the internet, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Imagine that!

celebrate womenThink about “her” in YOUR life – a woman who has inspired YOU. Visit, have coffee, call or find; a teacher, nurse, physician, sister or friend. Smile as you remember how she empowered and impacted your life. TELL HER! Thank her and if you dare, hug her for making a difference. I am grateful to each of you for the difference Loudoun and Arlington WOMAN makes – Thank YOU!

Seated on purpose, today we live with the aptitude, attitude and wherewithal to be and become whatever we choose (and that includes becoming President of the USA … don’t you think???). That thought alone is history making. You, Virginia, Loudoun and Arlington WOMAN are history makers – in your home, your county, at school, work and in the USA.

YES, it is Women’s History Month. Live it boldly. CELEBRATE. Share your “HerStories,” and remember, our daughters are watching! Happy Spring!

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