Celebrating Fall with The Real Housewives of Loudoun County!

Don’t look now, but, I think there’s a few leaves already changing color (made you look!). Fall is here and in the spirit of resuming school, gathering up our sweaters and preparing for a season that focuses on our kids, we had to know how the RHOLC group spends this activity-packed season in Loudoun. (Just as a plug, there are a TON of events they have going on, so, if you haven’t joined the Facebook group – get moving!)

How do you and your family celebrate fall in Loudoun County?

Rachael L.: Last year being our first fall in Loudoun, we weren’t too sure where the hot spots were for pumpkin picking and fall fun. But we went to leesburg animal park and had a great time! Picking out and carving pumpkins, taking a hayride and trick or treating are must haves! This year we are looking forward to checking out some local fall festivals and attending a few Halloween parties! As we get closer to the holiday season we enjoy spending time with friends and family.

rholc kimmyKimmy: For Fall, multiple visits to the pumpkin patch is a MUST for us! We always do a few different ones, but our favorite is Great Country Farms! We completely deck out our home and yard with fall decor, and we love collecting all sorts of pumpkins and crazy gourds from all different places (because you can never have too many pumpkins!) Other traditions we do are pumpkin carving/painting and of course, a lot of baking and fall crafts. For Halloween decorate our place like a haunted house. And lets not forget the start of football!! Fall is our favorite season!

rholc roxceRoxce: Fall has to be our favorite season,  we start getting ready for two of our favorite holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  We buy a bunch of pumpkin flavored food just to get into the season.  A week before Halloween, we visit the pumpkin patch and have each of our kids pick out their carving pumpkin.  Decorating our house is also one of our favorite parts of the season; with the leaves changing colors, our house does the same thing as well.  With Thanksgiving getting close, we are already planning out our dinner trying to figure out something new to add to the menu and also planning on Christmas.

Tiffany H.: Halloween is my favorite holiday! We like to go to the Leesburg Halloween parade, we take the ferry over to the Haunted Forest, we also have a tradition of going to Leesburg to the little animal park and they do a fall hayride and have all kinds of fall activities like a maze made out of haystacks and throwing pies at scarecrows, pumpkin decorating contest, it’s fun! There’s also a bunch of stuff to do at the Temple Hall corn maze, they have these home made machines that shoot Indian corn ears out at targets they have a little concession stand with hot apple cider and homemade apple dumplings, and they have like paintball guns that you shoot at these running ghost It’s really cute!

So, pumpkin patches, decorations, food, fun and best of all: family! Let’s all welcome fall, get out there and enjoy the sights, sounds and feel of the season as only Loudoun County can provide!

real housewives of loudoun county

Whether you already miss our summer days or are looking forward to fall holidays, celebrations and festivals, there is an unending agenda of fun in Loudoun for kids and parents!  Be sure to check back for more expert tips from this great group of women, and definitely check out the group on Facebook!

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