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LoudounWOJOSeptOct2015_Page_34Although the nights are getting cooler, summer is still in our hearts. So what’s a girl to do when the weather is warm by day and cool at night? A slow closet change out!

In September, make room in your closet by putting away your linen and flowy maxi dresses. Pull out or purchase lighter weight, trendy layering pieces. The seventies are back with a vengeance and the motorcycle jacket reigns as queen for FALL 2015. A lightweight long sleeve summer or fall dress under a moto vest takes you from soft to edgy. Complement this with bootie sandals for warmer days and boots and opaque hosiery for cooler ones. A moto jacket or blazer over a sleeveless summer dress takes care of the chill or can be the best defense against the air conditioners still going full blast.

Consider inserting a crisp white blouse under your sleeveless dress and wear it as a jumper. Then layer a jacket on top for more polish. The nice thing about layers is you can peel them off as the temps rise. For those who do not chill easily, a heavier weight dress, sleeveless or otherwise, might be all you need to transition. A Pashmina or cashmere wrap can add panache as well as warmth.

October’s weather can be a bit of a surprise in our area, so it is essential that you determine what is missing from your winter wardrobe and move in a
direction to fill any voids. Are those basic black pieces you reach for time and time again in great condition or do they need to be replaced? What new item is needed to jazz up last years closet? This season’s Doncaster pieces have the “pizazz” and “pop” to take you into the Fall/Winter season with a look that says you are at the top of your game!

When you continue to put away the clothing pieces that are not weatherfriendly and pull out those pieces that are, you (and your closet) will be ready for winter in no time! Need help? I can help transition your closet, renew your basics or add some special wardrobe pieces.

LoudounWOJOSeptOct2015_Page_35How to do a closet audit

Doing a closet audit can be time consuming, so block out your calendar for a few hours.

1. Clean your room and make your bed. Take a shower and put on your make up (you want to be at your best when trying your pieces on).

2. As you pull items from the closet, put them in four piles (Keepers, Sleepers, Losers and Sometimers).

3. Be ruthless in your sorting, especially the giveaway or loser pile. These are the items to donate to charities if still in good condition.They could be items that don’t fit, are bad colors for your skin tone, the wrong styles for your body type, or bargains you never wore.

4.“Keepers” are the items you reach for time and time again. Check to see if they are in good repair, still fit and are flattering.

5. “Sleepers” are the hidden gems that you can’t see because of overcrowding or pieces you don’t wear as often.

6. “Sometimers” are items such as special occasion dressing that should be kept at the back of the closet (or in a different closet) so you can access the pieces you wear often.

7. As you return items to your closet, place them by category: sleeveless blouses, short sleeve blouses, long sleeve blouses, etc. Then color code them from light to dark. Try using a color wheel as a guide starting with white or ivory and following the pattern. You’ll discover that finding your clothes is much easier and you’ll see more ways to mix and match, getting the most from your pieces.

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