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LoudounJulAug2015_Page_27#8. Send In Your Forms

  • Complete housing and health forms.
  • Take subject placement tests.
  • Answer roommate preference surveys.
  • Apply for student loans.

#7. Keep a Close Eye on Things

  • READ, keep and make copies of everything the college sends you; don’t ignore anything.
  • Make sure you have submitted your end-of-year transcript. Then check your secure college web portal to make sure it was received. Athletes: send and confirm with the NCAA. On a wait list? Check your status.

#6. Submit Your A.P. Scores

  • If you have AP scores to send go to the College Board and send them from there.

#5. Register for Orientation Programs

  • It used to be that orientation wasn’t a big deal, but now colleges want to help integrate you into the college community with “pre-orientation programs” that offer an exciting and inspiring start to your first year. Your school might have BBQs, camping trips and so on. Take part in pre-orientation as you will make friends based on doing things together rather than by virtue of living in the same dorm.

#4. The Roommate(s) 

  • Speak with your roommate(s) about each other and include a range of topics to secure a happy living situation. For instance, is your roommate a night owl? If you dare, inquire as to their hygiene habits. How often laundry will be done and if there are any “fragrance issues,” like Febreeze type products. Who will bring/share things like entertainment equipment, a cube refrigerator, etc. You only need one.

#3. Parents Are Happy But Bummed, Too

  • Your parents know their life is going to dramatically change. They want you to start to take care of things, but often feel the need to micromanage. A firm, “Mom, I’ve got this handled,” will help them as well as you. Do what you can to not argue. Cut them some slack and realize that through your excitement, they are sad to see you leaving home.

#2. You Can Start College Today

  • Start learning to do your laundry now. It’s not all that difficult. After all, you got into college! If you have already received your class schedule and you have an 8 am class, start practicing getting up by yourself before you arrive on campus. It works better if you go to bed by 10 or 11 pm. Sleep is good (and there will always be another party).

#1. You Will Get Homesick

  • Even the most independent college student can miss his parents. Focus on things other than yourself and keep busy with clubs, sports, events, even community service. You’re not the only freshman on campus who is homesick; make friends by being a friend. Thanksgiving break will seem like an eternity and homesickness tends to bloom about a month before. The good news is by the end of Christmas Break, you’ll be happy to go back to campus. By spring break, you’ll be dying to go back to school. Now, go have a great summer! You deserve it. Well Done!

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