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loudounseptoct2016_page_17-2When we talk about an energy exchange, think of a brainstorming session where ideas are shared, supported and grow into something even bigger than the original. It is not the normal type of energy we’re used to hearing about; the energy responsible for powering our cars, homes and smartphones. It’s the energy between living things that makes the world alive and vibrant and a great place to be… most of the time.

Balancing that energy is important to maintain focus, motivation and general health (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual). When we focus our energy on doing for others, without some form of energy exchange in return, we get tired, worn out, sick and depressed. All the wellness advice in the world doesn’t matter if you simply cannot get out of bed, if your neighbor drains your energy or you’re just not giving yourself enough “you time” and having your internal energy source replenished regularly.

Energy can be seen (felt, tasted, smelled) in various colors. The same colors in the crayon box or someone’s eyes that you love. Something as simple as reflecting on the color blue, for example, can bring up different emotions – from calming to sadness to trustworthiness. You can use that color to reflect upon why you are sad, or as a reminder of the bright, blue sky you love. You can simply tell yourself to notice all of the blue in your world (or, use shades of blue, like navy) as a sign or symbol of hope that things will ultimately get better. Put a streak of blue in your hair, paint your nails blue or buy a cell phone case with that color to remind you of your own “blue” strength. It’s a simple trick to get that energy moving again, and it works, no matter the color you pick!

Challenge: once you pick a color, note how many times it stands out to you in a week, where you see it and when it shines brightest.

Energy Colors:
RED: Courage, motivation, power.
BLUE: Intelligence, communication, trust.
YELLOW: Optimism, core strength, confidence.
BROWN: Stability, grounding, support.
GREEN: Balance, healing, restoration.
VIOLET: Spirituality, meditation, authenticity.
ORANGE: Creativity, sensuality, fun.
PINK: Femininity, sexuality, unconditional love.
GREY: Introspection, desensitizing, neutrality.
BLACK: Protection, logic, release.
WHITE: Purity, clarity, optimism.

Chelsea Snyder, Owner
MojoWriting, LLC

Chelsea has studied intuitive and other healing modalities throughout her life, including color and music therapy, chakra healing, drumming and reiki. As a writer and online marketing strategist, Chelsea creates a creative, authentic groove for wellness-based businesses through coaching, consultation, creative and technical services. She provides social media and copyediting services for VA WOMAN Magazine and is currently training to be a yoga teacher.


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