Creative Batik with Emma Casale at Round Hill Arts Center

Creative Batik with Emma Casale at Round Hill Arts Center

Intricate types of clothing are very attractive due to their colorful designs as well as their complexity. One popular type of cloth that has adoredwomen across the world is the batik. At Round Hill Arts Center, women who want to learn more about batik and even handcraft one for themselves can do so during the Ladies’ Night event on Friday.

Glue Line Batik will be a colorful and artsy event open for all women. Miss Emma Casale will help women learn how to make their own crafted batiks. The event will be held at Round Hills Arts Center, The Hill High Orchards Building, 35246 Harry Byrd Highway Round Hill.

During the batik creation, participants will be using glue and acrylic craft paint on cotton. Colorful pillow covers will be made and even taken home after the event. All required supplies are provided.

The Ladies’ Night event will have a cost of $40 per person. Refreshments are included, and for an extra fee, you may take the opportunity to visit the Bogati Bodega for a glass of wine. The event will start at 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Dorri Scott
Loudoun Woman Magazine

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