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No matter how or when, there is a little spark of creativity in us all, begging to be shared. The abundance of activities and creative opportunities throughout Loudoun County can be inspirational, for sure, but, its is the diverse and unique parents that can add the most interesting, creative elements to our children’s lives. A creative life is important for self-expression and enjoying the little gifts we all bring to the table. Creativity is also important for problem-solving, communication and understanding the needs of others. Plus, we all remember the creative messes WE made as kids, and how much fun it was to just let our imaginations run wild.
Since parenting is inherently creative, it only made sense to ask the experts how they “get messy” and creative with their kids. Who better to get all the dirt on creative parenting than our favorite moms: The Real Housewives of Loudoun County!

As a mom, how are you allowing your creativity to show while parenting your kid(s)?

As a stay at home mom to two boys, my main place to be creative is in my home. Yes, I sit down with my boys and do art projects and color, and sometimes I get a little controlling when it comes to the school projects, but that is not where my true creativity comes out! To me, it is my attention to detail with everything that I do.
Did I mention I was a little bit of a perfectionist: from baking and decorating their birthday cakes, to making the house look special for each holiday or celebration. On St. Patrick’s Day, we set up a leprechaun trap, but come morning were instead left with little green feet stamped throughout the house. The Elf on the Shelf creatively visits us each day during the holidays. Each season brings a new variety of decorations, like shells during summer, or leaves and pumpkins for fall. And now they love to help me display things for Halloween and Christmas.
My home is my canvas and I put a lot of effort into it! They may not realize now that I am behind the originality of these ideas, but in years to come, they will!
Kimmy: My daughter LOVES crafts! I love art myself, so I’m constantly trying to find her different projects we can do. I love seeing what she creates using her imagination and a bunch of random art supplies!  When she has friends over, we almost always have sugar cookies or plain cupcakes on-hand to decorate, or fun craft projects to do.
I let my daughter make her own “decisions” about everything (she calls it “picking yes or no”), like picking out her outfits, her pajamas, dinner, bedtime stories… etc.  She also loves helping with anything, from baking cakes or gardening to cleaning the fish tank or giving the dog a bath! She learns so much, including some responsibility and she’s not even aware of it! We have also used the “star system” to reward her w/ something fun after every 5 stars. But she tends to add some extra stars on her own!
Roxce: When my children come across a question or problem that I know they should be able to figure out on their own,  I repeat the the question or problem back to them;  then I ask them a few questions of my own regarding the situation and eventually they come up with their own solution.   This I believe will help my children become good problem solvers while also being creative.
rholc1Rachael: I like to think I’m a “creative mom.” I try to keep things pretty fun and creative. We like to do the typical arts and crafts…(coloring, painting, etc) but I am definitely a Pinterest junkie. I like to find a project that the kids can help me with and then we give them as gifts for Christmas, Mother’s Day, & birthdays to family members. Recently a group of moms from RHOLC and myself went to color me mine with our little ones, and our oldest has been going to cupcake camp at Oh Pop Cake shop.
I like to let our boys creative side and imagination show. Whether painting a ceramic football bank, decorating cupcakes, our youngest wearing his batman costume when we go to the grocery store, or even singing songs while we clean up, or brush our teeth to make sure everything gets done. We make charts, and calendars and the boys think its fun to mark them off with stickers through the week. I think its no secret, I like it too! (hehe) We, well I, go a little overboard on birthdays with party themes. And Im all about not spending a lot of money in the process so there is a lot of DIY projects going on that the boys love to help with! You definitely can get creative with being creative. The possibilities are endless!
real housewives of loudoun county

Just some, you know, GREAT advice from the RHOLC crew about creative parenting in Loudoun County! Be sure to check back for more expert tips from this great group of women, and definitely check out the group on Facebook!

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