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LWM_MJ15_web_Page_16Did you know that one of the leading causes of health problems in the United states is OBESITY? Let’s face it, obesity in America is an epidemic. Our weight gain, poor eating habits and foods we eat are killing us. Recognizing that no one chooses to be overweight, unhealthy and uncomfortable our team of medical experts have brought a new keotic weight loss program into my cardiology practice. As a Medical Doctor, with 30 years of practicing as an interventional cardiologist I address the ravages of a modern lifestyle.

In 2012 I brought a ketotic weight loss program into the cardiology practice and began supervising patients in their quest to:



Amazing! As our patients started to lose weight, their need for blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol medication was greatly reduced. The program is now a mainstay and a part of my daily practice that I highly recommend to all who want a healthier lifestyle and improved health.

After much research on the effects of GLUTEN we launched a new product line – OUR OWN. The Healthy Weigh NowTM is a low carb, low calorie, gluten free product line that helps patients lose 2-5 pounds per week. The medically supervised program works. “Our clients are the biggest losers. While losing weight and following our life long program with a maintenance plan, our patients gain the benefits of healthy living and improved health
– the best prescription of all.”

For more information and to start losing today 703-707-8383

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