Donna M. Ivey, I-CARE Founder and CEO

“All of my kids have been W-2 employees of I-CARE since the age of 14. On their 14th birthday, they all received a birthday cake and a worker’s permit. I felt it was important for them to learn about healthcare, helping people and to learn different aspects of business ownership and management.”

Since age 14, Donna M. Ivey has aspired to make a difference in the medical field, beginning as the President of The Explorers Program at the Medical College of Ohio. Inspired by her successful leadership of over 200 students in the program, she accelerated her education, graduating at the age of 16 and launching her college career in pre-med. At the same time, Donna worked as an administrator for a neurology group, learning first-hand about neurological issues like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, and strokes. It wasn’t long before Donna completed her degree, cum laude, in business administration

“While gaining tremendous experience working with clients that neurological issues, I had no clue I would soon need this experience in my own personal life”

In 1993, with three children and a husband who worked full-time, Donna opened up a home health care company with the mission in its name: I-CARE. Initially, I-CARE provided supplemental staffing in the areas of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy for homebound clients. After over 10 years of rehabilitation experience, I-CARE expanded, incorporating nursing and personal care assistance. Today, I-CARE provides care for individuals who need companionship, medication reminders, light meal preparation, light housekeeping, etc.


I-CARE, Inc., was established in 1993 with of a mission of restoring excellence in health care. I-CARE is a Virginia licensed home health care agency that provides home health nursing care service including personal care assistance and companion care. I-CARE has several added benefits including expert consulting services, home modifications and mobile salon & spa services for seniors and clients that are home bound. I-CARE is family owned and operated and was founded by Donna M. Ivey. Donna not only has a clinical background in healthcare but she also has been the primary caregiver for loved ones.

Donna’s love for helping people transcends her social and personal life. Her 35+ years of extensive healthcare experience has led her to provide consulting services for clients, family and friends. She is a leader in many civic, religious and community organizations, and speaks frequently about health insurance, ensuring clients safety at home and how family caregivers need to “breathe first,” allowing them to find happiness and rest so that they may be the best for their ill loved one. Despite all the titles Donna has: business owner, speaker, leader, Donna continues to believe that the titles of mother and wife have been the most important.

“I couldn’t fathom having a career that wouldn’t allow me to have an active and engaging impact in the lives of my children from birth through adulthood. I love being a mother more than anything else in the world.” DONNA M. IVEY


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