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LoudounMarApr2016HRNB_Page_29The U.S. Department of Education is researching and highly regarding a fundamental pillar that many secondary education centers already build their practices on – education starts with seeing things from a student’s eye level. In order to achieve goals in the classroom, instructors must properly understand a student’s learning style and perspective in order to provide an effective, innovative and customizable curriculum in a comfortable learning environment.

To fully understand this principle and further aid students, back in September of 2012, the U.S. Department of Education announced that it will award $52 million dollars in grants to nationwide centers for the preschool through 12th grade. The objective is to help districts and schools meet student achievements and goals through research-based findings. These cases will include investigating study habits and visual, auditory and tactile learning styles.

Eye Level, a global leader in pre-school through high school self-directed learning, believes that strong self-determination and a fruitful environment are keys to academic success. The company embraces the philosophy that people are always students, learning new topics and information.

“We continuously strive to be a global education service leader by developing new educational services and programs to create a lifelong education system that effectively combines on- and offline resources,” says Eye Level parent company, Daekyo Chairman, Mr. Kang.

Eye Level’s unique perspective that instructors must first become students of their own students is what separates and contributes to the company’s success. Only when the instructor is able to make this connection to a student at the “eye level”, appropriate goals and tailored programs for the student are set and accomplished. A dynamic critical thinking principle also factors heavily into the curriculum.

Similar methods for students, of all ages, are being researched through U.S. government grants to fund the advancement of innovative and comprehensive education, from individual regional centers to the Investing in Innovation (i3) Development grant. As stated in October 2012 on the U.S Department of Education website about the challenges and steps ahead. “Today, we are asking much more of ourselves and much more of each other – and everyone is stepping up – parents, teachers, administrators, community leaders and of course students” said the US Secretary of Education, Mr. Duncan.

“Eye Level is dedicated to creating sound individuals, sound families and a sound society through a philosophy of human centered management. This humanistic philosophy drives the company as we create new programs and services that best meet the needs of students worldwide”, said Kang.

While much of the research must be completed and analyzed, the US government and supplemental learning organizations are committed to adapting education in hopes to increase student success, indifferent of the learning style.

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