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LWM 0304 Mina 3Mina Modaresi DDS is a General Family Dentist with a heart for taking care of children and their dental needs. Teaching children proper oral care is a high priority for her and essential to her growing practice. “We at Regal Dental Arts start by setting an example,” she says. “We encourage parents to teach their children while having fun and learning the value of proper dental care.”

A balanced diet is essential for your child to develop strong decay resistant teeth. In addition to working with your Pediatrician and other health care professionals for a range of vitamins and minerals, make sure you child’s diet includes plenty of calcium, phosphorous and the levels of fluoride needed for optimum health. The sugars, cookies, sweetened soft drinks and snacks like that create acids. Theses acids attack the tooth enamel and in many cases may lead to cavities. YES, even a little “snack bite” can create plaque acids. To prevent this from occurring, it is best to limit snacking between meals. If by chance your child is in pain or chips a tooth, you should visit your dentist immediately. Obtaining an over the counter pain reliever until your child gets to the dentist should be your first defense of attack. If possible, hold on to the broken part and bring it to the office. Your Dentist may want to review it while assisting with planning for next steps. For more information or an appointment: Call Danielle today at Regal Dental Care 703 433-1122.

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To protect a child’s gums and teeth Dr. Mina recommends:

• Brushing TWICE daily. Brushing twice daily greatly reduces risk of getting cavities.

• Use an ADA accepted fluoride toothpaste. An accepted fluoride toothpaste is used to remove plaque. (Plaque is the sticky film on teeth that causes tooth decay)

• A DAILY Floss!!!! Flossing removes plaque from between the teeth and under the gum line. Using floss helps to prevent the plaque from hardening and building up. Teaching your kid(s) to floss is essential to good dental care. Once tarter has formed, it can only be removed by a professional.

• Dental products that contain fluoride

• Using water that is fluoridated. Check with the water supply in Loudoun County. If your water supply, municipal or bottled water does not contain fluoride, ask Dr. Mina about prescribing fluoride supplements.

• Eating a well balanced diet. Limiting starchy and/or sugary foods that produce plaque acids can cause tooth decay. When your child occasionally eats candy or other sugary foods, remind them to brush immediately. If brushing is not convenient, consider having your child rinse out his or her mouth until evening when that second brushing occurs.

• Taking your child to Dr. Mina for regular checkups is a must. She recommends TWO visits annually as a rule of thumb..

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Brushing Techniques for Helping Your Child:

• Consider supervising brushing until your child gets the hang of brushing on their own.

• Use a small dab of toothpaste on the brush. Using smaller amounts will ensure that your child is not swallowing the toothpaste but instead brushing with it.

• Help your child angle the brush along the gum line and in the back.

• Gently brush back and forth

• Brush the chewing surface of each tooth

• And…Don’t forget to brush the tongue, too!

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