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Chronic pain, that moves randomly to different areas of your body. Fa­tigue constantly and nothing seems to help. Symptoms that no one can put their hands on. Does this sound familiar? I hear this so often in my clin­ics. “The doctors have been trying to figure out what is going on and finally the other day I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

The problem with this diagnosis is that it is chronic meaning it is go­ing to last a very long time, most likely a lifetime. You will most likely be prescribed pain killers, and NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory), possibly even the newest experimental drug out there in an effort to help you… if you go the medical route. While the doctor will have your best interest in heart, the best possible results you will see is that the drugs will either mask your symptoms…or they won’t!

The worst part of taking drugs to try and help your pain levels are the side effects. There are no prescription drugs that exists that do not have side effects, and in the case of long term pain killers, and NSAIDS, you are looking at stomach, GI, liver, and vascular damages. You end up trading one symptom for another.

Listen, I understand that everyone has a threshold…that the pain and/ or fatigue can get so bad that you cannot even participate with the world. That at some point the drugs are simply the only answer! I understand. I am grateful that prescription drugs exist so that when they are necessary they are there for us. But as a long term answer, I had to believe that there was another option….so I searched!

I spent years working with thousands of patients, and I can tell you from experience that there is another way! What did I learn working with all these people? First, I learned that no one case is the same. Second, I learned that not everyone responded the same to every treatment, and that I needed to create a unique plan for everyone. I also learned what worked, and what didn’t.

What I found is that there were a few basic culprits that were leading to the pain and chronic fatigue. These included:

  • A dysfunction in the Nervous System
  • Sympathetic overload (A stressed out overactive nervous system)
  • A lack of Oxygen
  • A lack of sleep
  • A lack of Nutrition
  • Allergies and/or sensitivities
  • Toxicity (including heavy metals)

Sometimes it was one of these causing the whole issue, and some­times a combination. I put together a series of examinations to help me determine which of these (or other possibilities), were the culprit.

palmercareOnce I finish my examination and determine the major causes, I then prescribe the necessary steps to start improving your symptoms. I pre­scribe all kinds of treatments including but not limited to…Light force Chi­ropractic adjustments, acupuncture, detoxifications, Ionizing foot baths, laser therapy, oxygen therapy, and nutritional supplements…just to name a few!

What I can tell you is that if you give us the opportunity to figure out why you have the symptoms you have, we will prescribe what you need to start improving your life! To go through our Signature 100 Step examina­tion to determine what is going on with your body, simply call us at 703- 421-2990. Tell Chrysa or John when they answer, you are ready to figure out where your symptoms are coming from, and you are ready to get bet­ter!!! I look forward to meeting you.

Learning, Loving Serving, Growing,

Corey Malnikof, DC

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