Finding Your Inner Roar

calm roarOn the days when I wake up with tons of energy, a positive attitude and my heart filled to the brim, I know I can do anything.  Like the singer Katy Perry, I just want to “ROAR.”

I am productive, on point and without question, living on purpose those days especially when the sun shines as my heart sings with glee. With anticipation I seek and find blue skies while also enjoying clear blue waters, no matter the season outdoors. Too, on those days, I am most helpful to others, at my optimum best and link easily to kindred spirits who give back love to me, without expectation. Shared smiles give me goose bumps, and that warm and fuzzy feeling from inside is not a hot flash!

OH!  What a feeling!!!! “Why,” I used to ask, “can’t I feel happy like that always?”

Like many working women (both those who work in the home and the thousands holding onto careers, taking care of a family, children, and the list goes on)  that feeling of total bliss is lost. It is not easy to do what we do; you know, SMILE pretty, eat salad when we want burgers and be thin too.  OMG!…Culligan lady, take me away!

While making the world better often times we grimace, suffer silently and scream, “AHHHHHH!” We often want to cry out – “When do I get to be totally me and experience life as I envision it to be?”

Tired, overwhelmed, antsy about something, or just not feeling like the singers on “Glee” stuff creeps in, and happy (mostly created in my head) is replaced with horror coupled with fear.

Several years ago, I had a talk with myself.  I had to Speak to me Softly and remind me… if you want your happy, excellent health and a life on purpose while living out dreams you gotta:

Ask for it.

Act on it, and ultimately…

Make ample time and room for it.

Prior to speaking to me softly, I allowed someone or something creep in and rather than “roar” with my heart’s desire, I retreated. Like the quiet church mouse scattering around quietly in search of everything she needs, I selected and received droppings that did not smell good. They did not make me feel good either.  None of the needs and wants of others were designed with me in mind. Duhhhh. Hence, none could bring or give the joy I was seeking or looking for – mostly in all the wrong places.

Making the decision to wake up and roar is a life changing/defining moment if you “just do it.” That one singular choice will start the ball rolling and the rest….what a difference it makes. When I submitted, gave in to my heart’s desires, set goals and started the journey with love – oh what a feeling!

There is no situation, problem or person, who can take it away.  Roaring from within is a heart thing. Seek it and soar. It is February, the heart month.  I cannot think of a better time than now to mend your broken pieces and find your own ROAR. Make this month your time to start finding the peace and the happy you desire. Start now, and no matter the season keep smiling- your happiness is depending on YOU, always.

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