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Impact and how we affect others

Impact is a series of actions designed to have a specific outcome. Wanting a positive impact is about a strong desire to affect another or others in a meaningful way. Some of the ways that we impact others are not planned. I recently got a note on Facebook from someone that I grew up with. She wrote to me about how my friends and I were Girl Scouts when she and her friends were Brownies. She and her friends looked up to me and my friends and tried to be like us and that we were all very nice to them. I give this example, not because it’s about me, but because we all have some kind of impact that we are not aware of. I strive for a positive impact on others’ lives.

Impact can also be planned. People volunteer for opportunities to help others and to have a positive impact. Every baseball coach that my son has had (over 13 seasons of playing Reston-Herndon Little League) has left a positive impact on his life and across the Reston-Herndon communities. In fact, Reston Little League has such a positive impact that they were awarded a Best of Reston by Reston Chamber of Commerce and Reston Interfaith in 2012.

Some questions for you regarding your impact:

  • Do you think about how you affect those around you?
  • Is there anyone in your life that you want to have a bigger and more positive impact on?
  • What can you do to make a bigger impact?
  • Think of someone who had a big impact on you. Think about reaching out to them and letting them know with a note, call or e-mail. You’ll be glad that you did.

“Whether you’re working on your startup or playing with your kids, instead of always thinking about what’s next or what you’ve not done yet, invest in and enjoy every single moment. You’ll never get it back.”

–Lea Woodward, founder of Startup Training School

Legacy: what we will leave behind after we are gone.

For many people, their children are their legacy. I have a friend who doesn’t have children, so he is leaving his fortune to their local “big name” zoo. His name will live on based on the money that he has left to care for the animals.

Regarding your Legacy:

  • How do you want to be remembered?
  • Who do you want to remember you?
  • What do you want them to remember about you?
  • Is your legacy more than your family? If so, how?

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