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LoudounSeptOct2016_Page_07September – always the start of new beginnings.

A new school year, cooler days and the perfect weather for brisk morning walks while saying goodbye to mosquito filled evenings, the beach and hot summer weather. Autumn in September and October, especially in Northern VA, is colorfully beautiful and grand in its splendor. We fully experience that beauty each year as the trees change and leaves eventually cover pastures, farms, vineyards and our own backyards in the Commonwealth.

There is an excitement in the air as we begin to prepare students for a new school year. Parents prepare (ready or not) for exhaustive rideshares, carpooling and packed schedules filled with activities to make the overachiever cringe and scream, “OUCH!” – no matter what!

As my youngest graduated from college last year, for the first time in over 25 years, there were no school supplies to buy, not a uniform or sports equipment to purchase and the free tax day, mmmh… NOT a high priority this year. The season and its change came abruptly.

Through it all, I reflect; for years I labored to prepare A LOT, made adjustments along the way and ultimately positioned myself (to the best of my ability) for our next steps, only to find that life happens without my assistance and most seasons occur… no matter what. The lesson I’ve learned is simple: you just gotta roll with it. Life, seasons and shifts occur without announcements, email or instructions to go to the next move with agreements and a map for how and what to expect next.

Rather than fight the shift, I have since learned to embrace it – whatever “IT” is. Committed to going back to school in a whole new way I invite you to learn this season from the many stories included in our 4th annual Cancer Awareness Issue. Especially, join me and learn from our Cover ladies Tracy Robinson and Carol Barbe. Like our two cover WOMAN Thrivers, Tracy Robinson and Carol Barbe, live in the moment, honoring the shift while recognizing each season brings its unique gifts, despite the news about cancer (See pages 20, 21).

The cancer awareness issue is all-consuming. A visual remembrance of a great day the photos by Cyndy Porter (our resident photographer and Owner of Cyndy Porter Style and Photography) amazzzing! Thank you Ayesha Pough, our Make Up Artist for enhancing our beauty.

Sadly, we lost a beautiful Thriver in the process of putting the final touches on the publication together. Ms. Nandini Murthy lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer August 22. The issue dedicated to Nandini and her fight against Ovarian cancer she and her family (page23) offer a gentle reminder, no matter the season all we have is the present. Cherish each moment and embrace life to its fullest, each day.

See you Out and About in Loudoun.

Just sayin’!

–  Dorri


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