From the Publisher – Nov/Dec 2016 | Dorri C. Scott

I don’t normally look forward to the cold weather and mountains of snow that seem to fall (at least once) each year in our area, but… let’s just say that I cannot be happier to celebrate the end of this political season, even if that means the snow is coming! No matter who your political pick was, we can all finally breathe a sigh of relief that the election is over and turn our attention back toward our families, friends and ourselves again!

While we may not have all agreed on the politics of the last few months, perhaps we can move forward with a renewed promise to mend those fences and start working together, again. ‘Tis the season to cherish our past and make memories for our futures!

This issue of Virginia WOMAN magazine is another milestone in my life – FIVE YEARS of publishing! I’m so honored to share our cover with two amazing Northern VA business women: Thank you, Diane Piper and Sally Garcia Crosen!

Finally, thank you Loudoun County, family and friends – near and far.

Let’s make everyone’s lives a little better, put our differences aside and truly enjoy this thoughtful season ahead. Together, we can move mountains (and I don’t mean just the snow)!

Happy Holidays and May the New Year be the best and brightest in all our lives.

Kindly, Dorri

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