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How can I get my teen daughter to embrace her beauty and love herself the way she is?

Great question! First, let me inform you that your teen daughter isn’t the only one experiencing difficulty embracing her beauty. In the United States, by the time a girl turns 12 years old, she has already seen 77,546 commercials that have negative references to body image, beauty and self-worth.

Tips that will help your daughter:

Shift her focus on what she DOES like about herself.
Everyone has a physical flaw that they don’t like about themselves, whether it’s the shape of their nose or the size of their thighs, but the key is not to focus on it to the point where you cannot see any of your physical features that ARE amazing.

Let comparing be a thing of the past.
What many girls don’t understand is that by comparing themselves to others will always make them feel despair. It’s nice to admire another person’s greatness but when we constantly compare ourselves to others, we leave our greatness dormant.

Be mindful of the language your daughter speaks about herself. Encourage her to speak positively.
I am ugly! I hate my looks! I look terrible! As a Life Coach for Girls, I constantly remind girls that their words are powerful and will either have a negative or positive impact on their life and their future. Personal empowerment begins with speaking positive words, because a person cannot win in life if the words that they are using are disempowering and working against them. Encourage your daughter to begin using language that compliments and uplifts her so that she can be all that she was created to be.

Teach her to equate her self-worth with her inner qualities and personal strengths.
A strong sense of self-worth is one of the keys to having a successful life. I coach and empower teen girls and help them make a shift in their perspective so that they can learn to base their self-worth on what’s within rather than their outer appearance. Let’s face it, there are going to be times in our lives when our bodies will go through changes, therefore, it’s not healthy to base your self-worth on something that fluctuates. Purposefully look for ways where you highlight your daughter’s strengths.

Be THAT role model for your daughter.
It’s not enough for you as Mom to tell your daughter to do all these things, it’s more important that you show her how to do them. Be mindful of how you embrace your beauty in front of your daughter.

Love and Success, Sharon
Sharon Carter, MBA

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