Happy New Year!

Welcome Lucky Loudoun …it is 2013

Always excited about new beginnings, I am happy to join you in spirit as
I welcome Lucky Loudoun to Year 2013. Focused on new goals, we at the
LOUDOUN WOMAN MAGAZINE wish you the best year ever as we prepare
to Educate. Empower. Inspire and Inform you!

Two months ago, we softly re-launched LOUDOUN WOMAN MAGAZINE
(formerly Loudoun County Woman.) The response has been overwhelmingly
positive and powerful. Thank YOU!

Trendy, modern and loving life in LOUDOUN…she is YOU!!!! Sophisticated,
educated, and focused on family she too is YOU! We are also married,
single, working professionals and stay at home Moms looking forward
to next steps. Coming to you 6 times a year, starting with our “Cover
Girl” Ms. Jennifer Seven we wish you a year of good health and heartfelt “

In 2013, commit to taking care of you. Start with opening your heart to
new and exciting ways which bring love and joy into your life at home and
at work. Learn more this year. Read a new book – something that has been
sitting on the shelf is probably a great choice! Waste no time on things and
people who do not matter. Find ways to bring more smiles into your life.
Write a friend a letter. Have coffee with a friend. Take an exercise class – it
is OK that last year’s bathing suit does not fit….. It is still winter…spring is
your season anyway! Make it tee time on the golf course. Cut off the TV
and give the technology a break – yep, it will ALL be there when you return
(Iphone, Android, Ipad, lap top computer, etc…) Set goals. Be happy. Know
without a doubt, your heart matters. Listen to it!

Moving forward, in 2013 we look forward to making your load lighter
with inspiration and education in LOUDOUN WOMAN MAGAZINE
distributed throughout the county. Check out our new website
www.loudounwomanmagazine.com for weekly new and exciting
information and events in the community. Follow us on Twitter. See
you on Facebook. LOUDOUN WOMAN MAGAZINE. We will be there,
with you and for you…everywhere!

Be well. Do Good. Live Right.
Best always,

Dorri C. Scott
Publisher and Editor in Chief


  1. Terrence Jackson says:

    Ms. Scott,

    Congratulations to you for making LWM a work of art!

    After reading your publication, it is crystal clear that you have created a superb vehicle for the women of Loudoun County! A vehicle that undoubtedly will enrich their lives in so many ways. You have directly and creatively provided them with a myriad of information that will enliven and inspire! Thereby creating personal growth along with wellness opportunities for them and their loved ones for many years to come.

    You are very much appreciated!

    Keep up the good work.


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