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Dr. Corey Palmer

Q: Why do some people always get sick and others don’t?

A: The germ theory would The germ theory would simply tell us that if you come into contact with a germ then you are going to get sick. We later learned that this idea is only partially correct.

Yes, there are diseases that are big enough and bad enough that no matter what you do you may get sick, but that is usually not the case. Pasteur later taught us that it is not just the germ but the environment. What he was referring to was the environment we create inside our body.

When we have negative thoughts we create an acidic environment in our body that is good for harboring disease. When we eat acidic foods we create an environment optimal for germs to live in and grow. When we become stagnant and do not exercise then our body slowly deteriorates and creates an environment for disease. So the key really becomes what are you doing to create an environment that does not allow disease to live or grow.

Make sure fruits and vegetables are part of your diet. Add a few minutes of Yoga to your morning routine (even 5 mins). And if you are the type to always be stressed, its time to combat it with some positive thinking. Start a gratitude journal and write 5 gratitude’s every morning. If you know it is a time of the year when others are getting sick then makes sure to step it up a notch and really work on your internal environment so that you don’t get sick. You can add things like Echinacea, or Vitamin C, or Olive Leaf, or Oregano Oil to really boost your immune system.

Talk to your health professional to see what you are doing or not doing to create an environment optimal to fight off germs. If you have more questions please feel free to contact me at

Dr. Corey Palmer

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