Healthy Cooking Class Offered in Whole Foods Market

Healthy Cooking Class Offered in Whole Foods Market

Healthy foods are essential to a wholesome lifestyle. We need to eat more natural foods in order to retain more nutrients. However, what we normally use for cooking is not always nourishing. We may be cooking foods at home, but these may not necessarily be considered healthy. In addition, not everything sold in grocery markets may be as nutritious as wemight think they are.

A healthy cooking class is one way to showcase what healthy foods are and how to cook them at home. Now, you can take part in a fun, interactive, healthy course thanks to the Health Cook Starts Here Cooking Class at the Whole Foods Market. Health Specialist Claire will spearhead this enjoyable cooking class, where she will share recipes for nutritious meals and do cooking demonstrations.

The Whole Foods Market is one of the nationally renowned grocery stores that offers all natural and organic products. They take pride in advocating sustainable agriculture and selling these natural products in their store, thus becoming one of thehealthiest grocery store chains in America.

The Health Cook Starts Here Cooking Class will be held onFriday, January 31 starting at 7 pm, in the Whole Foods Market located at 316 Kentlands Blvd in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Registration is free for everyone.

Dorri Scott
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