In the Nick of Time | Ashley Ivey

Tony and Donna are the proud parents of three young adults. Ashley, the oldest has two siblings – Anthony Jr and April. All have all been a part of growing the family business.

“My mom believed so much in education and instilled independence in us. During summers, when she was working at home, we had the option of either playing outside or watching TV. If we chose the “watch TV” option, we had to write a paragraph summary of what the show was about. It didn’t matter what cartoon it was, we had to write. I’m convinced that is one of the reasons why I love to write to this day. “

By the time Ashley was ready for college, she was taking five college level courses, two languages and was well on her way to her dream school, the University of Miami. In February of her senior year of high school, she was diagnosed with and became disabled by a severe form of Multiple sclerosis.

Three years after her diagnosis she had endured over 70 hospitalizations, various medi-cations and treatments and tremendous symp-toms and disability with the disease. “I remember a doctor leaning over my bed and saying to my mom, ‘Ma’am I’m sorry but there is nothing more we can do.’ He said this while I was unable to walk on my own, unable to see in my left eye and could not pick up anything in my right hand. He said this while I had been in the hospital for months, hoping and praying that I would recover.

Despite what he said, I was never going to give up.” During some of the roughest times with MS, Ashley’s mother sought ways of making Ashley feel better. One time Ashley came home from the hospital her parents surprised her with a nail technician who provided her a full manicure and pedicure spa treatment. This gift meant the world to Ashley in her time of need.

Despite the disability and MS relapses, Ashley continued her education with hard work and dedication. At first as an English major, then finishing up in a physical therapist assistant pro-gram, graduating with honors. At the end of 2014, Ashley started her own business, “In the Nick of Time: The Elite Mobile Salon & Spa.” Ashley’s business provides salon and spa services to clients at their location (homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, events etc.).

In the Nick of Time and I-CARE work hand in hand, gifting full time I-CARE clients complimen-tary salon & spa services once a month. “I wanted to share this with others that would like to feel and look great but for whatever reason have limitations (time, availability, disability etc.) may not be able to conform to the regular spa environment. These services are very close to my heart since I have received them. I personally under-stand the impact feeling and looking great has on a per-son’s life, and that sometimes they can be received right when you need them, just In the Nick of Time.”

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