It’s No Longer A Man’s World


“Not all of the women buried at Arlington National Cemetery are spouses.” – Jas Boothe

Female veterans are now the fastest growing homeless population in the United States. They are three times more likely to be homeless than their male counterparts. Why is that?

Women did not officially start serving in the military until World War I, although many women served disguised as men far before that. Nonetheless, even today’s military women are serving in a male dominated military with the supportive services designed by men to help men

How long are we as a nation going to use that as an excuse to ignore 2,000,000 women Veterans and the 203,000 women who currently serve on active duty, including 69 generals and admirals? Some say that military women do not have the same responsibilities as men, after all, women have just been allowed to serve in combat. In short, women haven’t earned the same supportive services as men because their service and sacrifice are not equal to that of their male counterparts.

I have personal friends who are combat-related double leg amputees and they are women. These women were not wearing aprons and preparing meals for the men when they lost their limbs, they were right beside them. Despite the ban on women serving in combat, 2.7% of the military’s front-line units are made up of women. Women serve as gun crews, air crews and within seamanship specialties. Female officers represent 5.4% of those in tactical operations.

Women found themselves in firefights in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with the men. Women made up 900 of the wounded in the two wars. Of the 3,500 Americans who died in Iraq, 67 were women. 33 servicewomen were killed in Afghanistan.

We want to believe those women were not serving in combat zones, that they didn’t die for their country or leave behind husbands and children. Not all the women buried at Arlington National Cemetery are spouses. And not all veterans who face homelessness are men. With programs and support, the homeless male veterans population is declining, but female veterans are the fastest growing homeless population. Yet services that address the unique needs of our sisters are few and far between.

Rocket propelled grenades do not discriminate by gender, how long will our country?

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