January is truly a transitional month, which is why we love February!

New Year, New View, NEW YOU…right???!!!   Do tell… How are you realllly doing?

For many, the diet is already a thing of the past, our old habits have crept in and those written down plans, those goals we WILL accomplish with fervor in the beginning of the year, uhhh… where are they? What happened between January 1 and today? Where areyou with YOU right NOW!? More importantly, My Greatness, what’s next???

Honestly, if the truth be told, nothing has happened. The “New Year, New You with a New View” has just begun, and…you still have 11 great months aheadbefore year 2014 ends. YAY!

More importantly, you have RIGHT NOW to redesign, regroup and reclaim.

Desperately wanting to get my “Zen” on this year (OK… maybe not quite desperate, but certainly in the studio while breathing and posing it feels like it), I put yoga and a commitment to sticking to a new practice at the top of my list. In 2014, deepening my yoga practice was a part of my goals for optimum physical and mental health choices.

Prior to the holiday rush, I asked family and friends to give me yoga… and, lots of it. I received several gift cards to various yoga studios in Northern Virginia for Christmas gifts, for which I am extremely grateful! Trying them all has become a fun experience, as each yoga studio is different and unique. Every studio offers something new and with its own view by which I mirror myself and I am loving my new yoga life. While it is not quite my new BFF, the experience and opportunity to try and just feel good because I am working on me is enough. I AM ENOUGH.

I admit, while enjoying my new view from the mat, I am overwhelmed some days. Other times, I have become frustrated because I could not quite get into the pose properly and aligning me, my body and my self appeared to be impossible. I have been uncomfortable and wanted to leave class – BUT I never have. I have committed to my New View; I refuse to QUIT. I will not stop and I am not quitting. However, I will take breaks, and then a breath and I will start all over again. Daily, I grow, I get stronger and I am feel my breath, one difficult pose at a time…

Happy about a renewed strength and changes which empower me to move forward, I am happier that I made a conscious decision to try something that I knew would stretch me (in so many ways!). I am happiest that no matter what I am sticking to it; sharing and caring with others in the yoga community I connect with just as I am. I am worth it all. I AM GOOD ENOUGH.

In this spirit, let me “Speak to you, softly,” and introduce my blog. While I may be new to this, I know there are others who need to feel inspired as I have been. New View, New Year, New You is not about perfection – it never was and never will be. It is not about the right one or wrong thing. It just makes no room for failure and quitting is not an option, because it is about you and never is it about others. It is about the road you see and journey you create. It is YOU and YOURS alone – your journey, whether one step or one hundred. New Year, New View, New YOU, let you count the ways – your dreams, goals and the process. Find your true self in the journey and live it – YOUR WAY with joy, peace from within and compassion coupled with love that awaits your presence at every step. That love, alone, is your NEW View, New You, every day… so, live it. Start fresh every day, no matter what – your breath and the poses you choose depend on it.

Happy 2014, and Welcome to February!


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