Lean into Your Happy YOU!

blue-oceanWe all have our favorite seasons in our life and in nature. Each season taps into our heart and soul at different levels. Cold, dreary winters call us to turn within and reflect on our lives, decisions and choices. Spring is vibrant with buds on the trees, bright colors blossoming on vines and cherry trees in bloom. Our world is made beautiful with stunning and spectacular colors luring us out of our hibernation. We’re beckoned to embrace possibilities of newness, and to take bold, unapologetic steps toward our dreams and goals.

Let me ask you, what will you create on the canvas of your life in your next season? Amidst the celebration of mothers, fathers and graduations this month and the next, how will you honor, celebrate and transition into your next season?

It happens all too often that people know “what” they want just not the “how” to make it happen. Or they allow fear, doubt or what others will think to sabotage their dreams. Consider this as a guide for your success: when something excites, inspires and scares you all at the same time, you’re there. It’s the perfect cocktail. It may be that nudge to write a book, ask for a promotion, take your business to the next level, experience deeper, yummy intimacy in your relationships or marriage.

Moving you from your “a-ha” moment into action is the key to your next season. When you are equipped with a proven systematic approach, your customized plan of execution and integrated sacred practices of the millionaires, you can make your dreams and goals a reality.

Every time I’ve been inspired, excited and scared and made the choice to lean into my fear, especially when my intuition was saying “YES!” I am always thrilled by what transpires. And so will you; because you don’t have to reach your goals and success alone. I look forward to supporting you to take action to lean into your next season and spring into your perfect newness.

~ Jenenne Macklin, Transformational Speaker, Intuitive Coach

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