Letter from the Publisher | Dorri C. Scott

Dear Reader Friend,

I am kicking up my heels and proudly wearing my red shoes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

It is almost spring (my favorite season), I can hardly wait for the newness that will unfold. It was such a looong election year and now I am embracing my next steps and invite you to join me. Together let’s “pump” it up, one day at a time!

To those committed to being the change you want to see in Loudoun and beyond: spring forward and get it done. One person can make a difference, will YOU be that ONE?

Our contributors including Cover WOMAN Donna M. Ivey started with ONE. Some 25 years later, she and her family are making a difference for the ONE who matters most in the eyes of her families served. Learn more about the I-CARE Family Affair that was created with “One” thought. (Page 19)

Graciously, Nurse Amanda takes it one face at a time. A Nurse with a strong health and wellness consciousness, she wants to enhance your look. With her debut in Virginia WOMAN Magazine and her upcoming Grand opening, there is much to celebrate! Finally, there is something for that ONE man in your life. Lori Bolin, a Men’s stylist shares thoughts on helping that ONE guy dress it up.

I’m forever pleased to see you while in my travels, on Facebook, and at the many events in the area we partner with. I’m forever honored to make YOU that ONE who every WOMAN is proud to be a part of. Thank you.

Happy Spring,



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