Letting Our Light Shine

As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.-Nelson Mandela

First I received a text, then a phone call and throughout the afternoon, several calls blew up my phone. The calls did not stop coming.  Initially, the words stunned me.  There was a heaviness in my heart as I read each text.  Various emails shared the devastating news and ultimately I listened to the voice mails.  “Speak to me, Softly,” I told myself, “and tell me,” I continued,” what I just heard is NOT…it CANNOT be true…”

I waited before picking up the phone to respond.  Eventually I had to accept what I felt and knew in my heart. I knew it was true before I made the first call or retuned a text.   Yet, I hoped, anyway for a different answer that found out to be true.  Even before I spoke with Chef Dennis, I hoped and waited – thinking that maybe I had heard it wrong.  Unfortunately… the news buzzing our great county (Loudoun and beyond) was true. My call and our brief conversation confirmed everything. It was a sad day.

Many of you already know… our dear friend, client of Loudoun Woman Magazine and Favorite Bakery Chef in Loudoun County, Mr. Dennis Stanley, lost his home and puppy to a fire that started in his dryer last week. He was not at home when the fire started.  The fire was ruinous and catastrophic. Chef Dennis lost his home that burned to the ground and his puppy died in the fire too.

Ironically, when the fire occurred, Dennis  was at a networking event – doing what he does,  giving away sumptuous  cakes to make us all yummy happy!  YES! Chef Dennis shares and gives above and beyond – the sweet life that tastes sooo good.  For his loss, we are all sad… Now we must do something to show that we care.

Recognizing there is a time and season for everything, I invite you to join me in your giving to help, share, do something and support Chef Dennis at a most difficult time in his life. A fund has been created and anything you can give to help a great guy committed to our community would be greatly appreciated.  Too, he would appreciate your prayers and kind words.  As our lights shine together, we will get through this and we at Virginia – Loudoun- Arlington and Prince William Magazines THANK YOU!!!!

For more information and to help support Chef Dennis, please see the link here.

With Much Gratitude,

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