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Everyday our hearts beat over and over to allow us the opportunity to laugh, smile, work, play, love and be a part of this world. The center of our physical world tends to be our surroundings, our dwellings, our homes. Unlike the natural beating of a heart, we have to help our homes pump us full of warmth, life, love and laughter. Luckily, there are people in the world (us interior designers) who can help you do this! – Lauren Riddiough Clement of Lauren Nicole Designs

lila home ashburn vaWe expect a lot out of our homes: to be organized, warm, inviting, unique and full of character, just as we expect a lot out of our bodies to stay fit and healthy. So like an exercise regime or a healthy diet, efforts must be put into your home as well. Maybe your home just needs a face lift  Clients call us and say, “I just can’t pull it all together. I feel stuck, unfinished, HELP!”

The right pillows, lighting, tables, picture frames, artwork, and draperies can breathe new life into a room. Or maybe you are in need of a total room design. Either way, the first step is to identify the goals then to devise the plan and then the execution/BIG REVEAL comes last.

lila home ashburn vaWhen doing the walk through of your home, I always start at the front door. Your main entrance or foyer is the first chance that you have to make a statement to your friends and family. You want to set the tone here and usually it does not take too much to do so. Consider a good-sized rug that is meant for high traffic, a WOW chandelier and a coat rack or element of function to make your guests feel at ease.

Moving into the home, the family room and kitchen are what is often called the ‘HEART’ of the home. You want to make sure that your core, your command center of your home has the following elements:

  • Color, texture and pattern: This is where the personality and character of a home is displayed. Whether you like big blooming florals and bright colors or you go for more geometrics and neutral tones, either option can look great when done properly but that scheme reflects who you are and what your home is all about.
  • Function: You want to make sure that you have plenty of seating- whether it is you and your family or 10 of your closest friends from book club, you all want to be comfortable. Do you need lots of hard surfaces for entertaining or storage for kid’s toys? A beautiful room is only good if you can live in it!
  • Finishing touches: This means art work, proper lighting, accessories, all of the pieces which make a room feel complete and full of character.

lila home designs ashburn vaWe depend on our homes just as our bodies depend on our hearts. So we have to keep both of them happy, healthy and updated.

Whether you need a few table top accessories or an entire new room plan, we can help!
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