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LWMJanFeb2015-smallfinal_Page_12YES 30 – 35 pounds!!! Wonder how many of you, thought I was referring to the new “skinny pill”. You can’t turn on the television, read a magazine, or even read your Facebook posts without some mention of the new “skinny pill”. The new “skinny pill” is considered the magic bullet for weight loss. Its attraction: rapid weight loss without making any lifestyle changes or exercising. Consider, all our lives we have been told if we eat right and exercise that is how we will be successful at weight loss. Also, the adage that because you did not gain it overnight, you should not expect that you will lose it overnight. But we are not here to debate the validity of desiring a product which does just that. The SP I want you to consider is SEROTONIN PLUS. A medically supervised weight loss program which incorporates a meal plan, teaches nutrition and portion size, augments metabolism, assists with carbohydrate cravings, encourages exercise, and makes patients accountable. A program that has proven successful in more than 200,000 patients.

As an obstetrician/gynecologist, each day I discuss with patients, pertinent health risks and make recommendations regarding lifestyle changes that can impact their overall health. The visit starts with the nurse, who obtains vital information from the history and measurements taken such as blood pressure, weight and height. This information is used to calculate the patient’s body mass index or BMI. The BMI is a function of the height and weight and is a measure of body fat. A normal BMI is less than 30.

“the 12 week program includes supplements, vitamins…..and encourages patient accountability”

Selecting and utilizing a product or diet, without any lifestyle modifications can lead to failure. The scales work in your favor initially, but sustained weight loss will always be a struggle. Why? The body is very good at adapting to whatever environment it finds itself. You restrict its caloric intake over long periods of time and it compensates for what it interprets as starvation and becomes more efficient at extraction of calories for fuel and
storage of the remainder of calories as fat. The metabolism slows down and calories are held on to for future fuel. This is the reason why most fad diets, which result initially in quick weight loss on the scale, is not maintained once an individual stops.

Serotonin Plus is just one of the supplements included in the twelve week weight loss program developed more than 15 years ago by Dr. Robert Posner. Dr. Robert Posner is an Internal Medicine physician who practices in Burke, VA. As a physician who cares for the whole person, he was interested in creating a program which provided weight loss but also addressed some of the causes of an individual’s failure at succeeding and maintaining weight loss. He has expanded the program throughout the United States.

This twelve week program includes supplements, vitamins, encourages exercise, helps to decrease carbohydrate cravings, increases metabolism, teaches healthy eating through meal selections, portion control and provides meal planning and encourages patient accountability. Prior to enrollment in the program, each person receives an initial assessment to identify any risk factors, a review of medication history, an EKG, body scan, and chemistry panel. The program is supervised by a physician and consists of weekly 15 minute visits to follow and document weight loss, review progress, discuss weekly triumphs as well as setbacks but most of all to provide encouragement. At the completion of twelve weeks patients will have become much more educated on nutrition but most of all more attuned to what works best for them and identification of their problem areas. The program will have assisted them in meeting their individual goals and in most case, provided individuals with a road map for sustaining their weight
loss. After completion of the twelve week program, for continued success, participation in the Maintenance Program is encouraged. Maintenance consists of continuance of supplements if needed, free monthly body scans and coaching as needed.

By Gloria J. Ivey-Crowe, MD
Women Physicians of Northern Virginia

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