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LoudounMarApr2016HRNB_Page_37Whether you love to follow the styles or not, spring is a big time of year in the fashion world. The runway is hot with top models showing off outlandish fashion that most of us would never dream of wearing. So why do we care, or why should we?

The styles on the runway become a more accessible version of the fashion in the stores. It’s just like the news: if you want to be current you want to know what’s going on in the world. Should you go out and buy it just because it’s on trend? Absolutely not. Consider creating a personal style that conveys who you are on the outside and matches who you are on the inside. Learn about your body shape, proportions and your colors.

Studies show in today’s busy world we have less than seven seconds to make a first impression. We take, on average, up to six months to be convinced our first impressions were wrong. So what do you want to communicate in your first impression? Do you want to appear modern, creative, sophisticated, or playful? The adjectives you choose can be expressed by the clothing you wear.

Do you look better in blue or orange, in structured suits or maxi dresses? If you know what looks good and the trends, you can be a wiser shopper. If you prefer to wear flats, now trending, to heels then you should go shopping now. Adding a few stylish accessories will help tell that story and modernize your look.

Good news, this spring has something for everyone:

Do you have a romantic and feminine style? You are in luck. You will find ruffles and lace, puffy sleeves, high-collared necklines and loads of flowers.

Bold and Sassy
Maybe your look is edgy. Look for mesh and nets, blown out loud plaid patterns, lingerie for everyday wear and metallic fabrics. Match these with more conservative counterparts and you have an edgy, provocative style.

If you want to show off your free or creative nature, try adding some fringe, 70’s style suede, maxi dresses even tie dye, which is back on the shelves this spring.

If you are casual in your overall style, try lightweight denim, monogrammed leather jackets, low rise trousers, lug sole sandals or western wear. These are right off the runway.

Top 10 Colors
Rose quartz (light pink), peach echo (coral), snorkel blue (ocean blue), serenity (baby blue), buttercup (yellow), limpet shell (pale turquoise), lilac gray (blue gray), fiesta (orange), iced coffee (brown), green flash (bright green).

Some items are trendy, some items will last you for years. Only buy what you love. And add a few trendy accessories to illustrate you are current and relevant.

By following the trends, choosing them wisely and knowing which styles show you at your best, you can stand out from the crowd and reveal the essence of YOU™.

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