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The assumption men are clueless on style isn’t really all that true, at least not if you ask him. But we all know there is a strong likelihood the favorite guy in your life could use a few tips. Style doesn’t have to be complicated, and guys don’t have to be fashion-forward to dress well. If your guy is open to suggestions and willing to try something new, here are several ways to “up” his style.

 Throw Out the Old

It’s ok for him to hold on to that college sweatshirt to wear around the house on lazy weekends. But make sure it’s not making its way into regular circulation. A closet purge should be done at least once a year to get rid of items that don’t fit, are out of style, or are beginning to show wear.

Keep the Basics Looking Good

Take care of those items that get more use or are easily distressed. White needs to stay white; leather shoes should be polished, and collars should be uncurled.

Climb the Ladder

Take one item from his go-to outfit and trade it out for an item one rung up the ladder. For example, trade out the jeans for a pair of brushed suede 5-pockets. Or trade the t-shirt for a polo. Small changes can make a big difference.

Layer Up

Adding a layer can immediately make someone look more pulled together. A reversible vest is a great option for fall and spring. A scarf or sweater layer is great for winter. And a blazer is appropriate in all seasons.

Streamline His Fit

Gone are the days when oversize was trendy. Chances are, your guy is wearing his clothes too big. Even a big guy will look less polished when wearing clothes that don’t fit properly. Having a tailor make a few minor adjustments is sometimes all that’s needed.

Haircut Exploration

Instead of hitting the same barber, have him try going somewhere new for a cut. A different hairstyle can change his entire look dramatically.

The Extra 10%

If your guy is already pretty stylish, focus on the extra touches and investment pieces. Tie bars, pocket squares, watches and great shoes can show he really knows how to pull it together!

Work with a Stylist

Women do it all the time, but most guys don’t realize this type of service is also available for them. A lot of guys don’t enjoy shopping, so having someone work with them one-on-one at their home or office is very appealing. A stylist will take measurements and have a conversation about style and fit preference and then help build an outfit or wardrobe that reflects what they’re looking for.

Lori Bowlin, Stylist & Founder

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