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LoudounMayJune2016HighResNoBleeds_Page_09Life with mental Illness can be tough. If you or a family member is dealing with pain from a mental illness, consider some or all of the tips below to make life brighter on those, less than sunny days. Ultimately, bringing awareness to mental illness is the beginning of change. This month, lend a hand and share. We are NOT alone, and YOU are not either. Should you need additional help or more information to deal with stressors related to mental health, please feel free to contact us.

Ways to boost your mental health – daily (no matter what…)

1. Keep A Gratitude Journal

Research has shown those who keep a gratitude journal boost their energy, attitude and ALTITUDE. Write down THREE things in your journal daily that you are grateful for. At the end of the day, add 3 accomplishments in your journal. Review your log daily. See how you feel after reviewing how wonderfully accomplished and powerful you are and give yourself a great big hug before going to bed.

2. Add Gratitude Apps To Your Mobil Devices

Two FREE apps include:
• Attitudes of Gratitude
• Happier

3. Start Your Day With A Cup Of Organic Coffee

Coffee consumption is linked to lower rates of depression. If you are not a coffee drinker, try a cup of tea. Green tea is a great choice – soothing too!

4. Sleep Matters – Get A Good Night’s Sleep

7-8 Hours is recommended by most experts. If you are unable to get in 7-8 hours daily, REST. Have an end and beginning time for your day. Rest is important to positive wellbeing – even if you are unable to sleep.

5. Watch And Monitor Your Room Temperature

It is recommended that for a good night sleep temperature should be between 60 degrees and 67 Fahrenheit. Adjust the temperature as the seasons change.

6. Laugh – A LOT!

Laughter as we have all heard is good for the soul. Hang out with an old friend. Go to a comedy show. Turn on those old Lucy shows… Find something to laugh about daily. It reduces anxiety. BTW… if you can’t find something to laugh at daily in the moment, take a look at some of your old pics. Looking at some of those hairstyles from back in the day, is enough to make you laugh.
We all have them. Dig them up, laugh and cherish the memories.

7. Leave Your Device Home Every Once In A While… REALLY!

YES! We are all busy and life goes on, take a few hours away from phones, computers, tablets and Social Media driving your life – a break every once in a while will make room for something new! It will more than likely be less stressful and quieter too. Try it weekly for 3 hours and use that time to smell the roses, take a walk, call an old friend, write a letter or anything out of the ordinary and away from the daily grind.

8. Do Something POSITIVE For Someone Else

It is hard to be sad when giving or doing something for others. Not sure how or what to do? Here are some ideas:

• Volunteer at a local food pantry.
• Visit a senior citizen at one of the senior living centers in your neighborhood – even if you don’t know anyone who resides there. He or she will welcome the visit and you will be glad you went.
• Send flowers to someone you love – Just because!
• Read a book to a child at your local school.
• Pay it forward. When driving through the toll booth, pay for the person behind you and wave as you pass by.
• Plant a garden for a neighbor who loves the outdoors
• Whistle. Skip. Smile.
• Pack a love note in your child’s lunch.
• Go and walk a dog at a local shelter.

9. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Dance while cleaning, cooking, getting your mail from the mailbox, ANYTIME, ALL DAY. Just create music in your head and feel the rhythm that plays in your heart to make you happy.

10. Take A Warm Bath

Adding epsom salts to soothe those aches and pains weekly will boost magnesium levels. Also, it will slow you down to sit and take a bath compared to a quick shower.

For additional ways to boost your mental health throughout the month, check out our website: and enjoy our regular posts on Facebook.

By: Dorri C. Scott

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