Obesity Is A Modern Scourge | Dr. Kenneth M. Brooks, FACC

LoudounJanFeb2016HR_Page_02Most of us are consuming too many processed foods, refined sugars, and starches such as grains, sweets, snack foods, etc . In order to regulate blood sugar, our pancreas secretes insulin to metabolize sugar (glucose). We don’t realize when carbohydrates are eaten, they are broken down into glucose, and whatever is not metabolized for energy is converted and stored as fat. When too many carbohydrates are consumed, the pancreas has to work too hard, resulting in insulin resistance. This leads to a drop in blood sugar which causes cravings for sugar and carbohydrates, beginning a vicious cycle of overeating, fat storage, and weight gain.

The Healthy Weigh Now’s easy 3 Level Weight Loss Plan stops the cycle, promotes weight loss by using the fat your body has stored, and burns that fat for energy. Weekly meetings with our trained coaches guide you on the journey to a healthy weight. After weight loss, we are committed to providing you knowledge and guidance to maintain your weight loss for a life time. Our program is medically supervised by board certified Cardiologists who work closely with clients that have medical conditions. Whether you have 10 pounds or over 100 pounds to lose, The Healthy Weigh Now can help:
√ Improve health by reducing blood pressure, insulin,
and cholesterol
√ Lose fat and maintain muscle mass
√ Learn valuable tools to assist in weight maintenance.

LoudounJanFeb2016HR_Page_03Obesity is a modern scourge that decreases the quality of our lives, shortens our time on this earth and makes us unhappy. We at The Healthy Weigh Now© are committed to fighting this epidemic, and the abnormal metabolism accompanying it. These abnormalities increase destructive  inflammation resulting in incremental atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease, dementia, polycystic ovarian disease, fatty liver, arthritis, skin rashes, and diabetes. The morbidity from these entities is bankrupting our medical system and our national budget.

The Healthy Weigh Now© is a disciplined approach to a gluten free, low carbohydrate, modest protein diet supported by a discerning personal coach within a supervised medical community. Typical results will allow for a 3-5 lbs of weight loss per week. You will also learn how to monitor your weight loss and changes in your body’s fat and muscle composition. Most diets do not prepare patients with the knowledge required for maintenance of their weight loss! The Healthy Weigh Now© is structured to address recidivism and the cravings that frequently mitigate initial success.

Together we can be empowered to enjoy a happier, healthier future!! Please join us at The Healthy Weigh Now©!

Dr. Kenneth M. Brooks, FACC

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