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LWMMarchApril2015small_Page_33When you operate a quick lube you have a unique opportunity to see how people are treating their vehicles.I have noticed a large percentage of automobile owners are going way beyond the standard oil change intervals for their vehicle. The gold standard of three months or 3,000 miles is going
away since many vehicles require longer standard intervals.

I still routinely see vehicles coming in that are 2,000 or more miles overdue for service. While this may not seem like a terrible thing to the average driver, it is absolutely devastating to a car and the ultimate consequence in engine failure. A five-year old car that is 8,000 miles beyond a recommended oil change is dead at 90,000 miles.

The there are other consequences that drivers will have to pay for because they are tardy on oil changes, like engine oil leaks. All engines have about a dozen rubber seals between the engine block and other components. If oil levels get low or the acidity level of the oil gets high due to lack of servicing, the seals dry out get brittle and start to crack. When the seal cracks the vehicle starts to leak.

One side of me is not really complaining:repairs can run from $130 to $1,500 depending on the location of the leak and type of vehicle. Another side of me is dying. According to EPA estimates, 193 million gallons of petroleum products leak from vehicles every year. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill was considered one of the worst environmental disasters at an estimated 220 million gallons.

Here a few things to keep in mind when having your oil changed:
• Low quality products produce low quality results. There isn’t a quality oil and filter combination that can be put on any car for $19.99.
• The jury is still out on extended oil change intervals. It will take about 10 years to get sense of the impacts on vehicle longevity and performance.
• There is no recipe for guaranteed results other than following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

There is more to a “quick lube” than an oil change. If I look at a car today and see that there are about 5,000 miles left on the brakes I will advise you to have us recheck brakes at your next oil service.

More often than not, I see that car 7,000 miles later and the brakes are metal to metal and it needs an oil change. Trained mechanics will see this while doing a routine oil change that can avoid breakdowns and more costly future repairs. Consider an oil change similar to routine physical at the doctor.

By: The Car Guy, Matt O’Donnell
Grease Monkey
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