Pets ARE Members of the Family – Dr. Hanh Chau

pets dr hahnToes, teeth, goofy grins and obnoxious smell, we tolerate them, love them, in ways we cannot tell.
We call them “fur babies” and use words like “adopt,” our own goofy happiness will never stop.

Then, one day, our family member gets injured or sick, and we laugh because otherwise we’d cry.
Your pet needs surgery or else she will die.

X-Ray, bloodwork, surgery and more, breaths are held, fear to your core.
The vet is great, the staff second to none,
4 hours later, the worst is now done.
Groggy and light; alive; DELIGHT! A lick or a purr, “better” you’re sure.

Sometimes though 4 hours turn to days, medicine is no guarantee, there are other ways:

Acupuncture, allery shots, endoscopy, ultrasound,
Perhaps a million dollars of equipment can be found,
Tucked into a vet’s office, to make your pet better,
Your vet is a pet lover, “DVM” on her sweater.

Share your stories of home, the sillier the better.
Pets who are smart still eat things they shouldn’t,
Pets (not so bring) will do things we wouldn’t.

Keep them from harm, feed them well and go play,
(But please get them insurance: the surgery for your pet may be this day.)

For your vet employs many,
And her license she must protect,
Don’t ask to skip tests,
Some diseases and injuries are difficult to detect.

Cost is inevitable, but consider this we ask please:
More is spent on multi-vitamins, than curing pet disease.
Your pet will feel better, guaranteed not worse,
(Did you know vets (who ARE doctors) get paid less than a nurse?)

4 feet, 1 tail, energy galore,
Comfort, food, those we adore,
Safety, family, who could ask for more?
Pets ARE family, (just on all fours).

Dr. Hanh Chau, DVM, CCRT, CVA

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