Read On…It’s Summer!

dorri summerTwo favorites in my life – summer and the splendor of books.

Having recently celebrated another birthday, I am filled with gratitude for all that brings me joy: family, friends, books and more!

Especially, I am excited about another summer, Virginia heat (never too hot for me) and books to soak up what others are saying in words.

A voracious reader since I can remember, my life is full of books. Great stories; some with storybook endings and others, that leave me wondering, yet, it all brings a smile to my heart. Expanding my mind, relaxing and taking in people, their personal stories and lives shared in books – Oh! What a feeling!

The combination, summer and a great read….for me, it does not get much better (OK…maybe a little exaggeration, but, you get my drift.) Reading. Books. Summer.

Looking ahead, I trust you and your family will take time to read a little. Share, open your eyes to what might be in store and fi ll your hearts with great memories and words from books this summer. Be certain to add to your favorite reading list, Loudoun Woman Magazine – the resource which educates, empowers, inspires and informs.

The June/July edition is filled with BBQ Grilling Tips, summer styles, Vet Pet Views and 5 new contributors including:

Ambit Energy Leading Ladies, Selina and PJ
A New Medi-Spa in Sterling with Sultana
John Jones III, DDS (Orthodontist)
Nancy Greene, Esq .
State Farm Agent, Stacey Tucker

I trust you will savor the heat of a sizzling hot summer with a good read and our expanded magazine. (We added 4 new pages this issue.)

Until next time, I look forward to seeing you out and about in Loudoun!

Have a happy summer, and read on!

– Dorri

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