Six Solutions to Keep Your Balance in Life

balanceWhether it’s a busy week or just more of the same, as women it’s easy to lose our sense of balance when faced with our weekly expectations. Here are six simple solutions to help you stay sane no matter how crazy life gets.

1. Breathe… make time to meditate, pray, do yoga, take a nap, or any combination of these. We are the life blood of our families, children, spouses, and communities- if you don’t breathe no one, including you, is going to survive the week. Think of it as the airplane rule- you can’t save anyone if you don’t put your oxygen mask on first.

2. Prioritize… you can’t stop the speed at which things in your life is hurled at you, but you can adjust how you respond. The best course of action is to slow down and become more deliberate in your actions. Rather than sitting down to make the ubiquitous “to do list” make a “focus” list and “ignore” list. The only way to manage it all is to decide not to do some of it.

3. Socialize… people need people to connect with. One of the most wonderful aspects of women is our ability to play so many roles. You’re an amazingly complex person and It’s vital that you get the opportunity to express and develop all the different sides of yourself. A strong social circle helps you do that.

4. Look in the mirror… do you like the woman/wife/mother/friend you are this week? If not, be self-compassionate and forgive yourself before you try to make a change. Sometimes it seems that everyone else is being difficult or downright bitchy, but often the people around us are simply reflecting the energy we are giving off- check your attitude and see if there’s some room for improvement.

5. Accomplish something… so much of what we do in life is never-ending. Laundry, dishes, homework, carpool; you check them off your list in the morning and like some kind of cruel starfish they magically reappear back on the list before you get to bed at night. Finishing something, anything, is an empowering and motivating experience. Finish the book you started last summer, finish reorganizing the linen closet, or that project at the office. Find a way to have a moment, no matter how small, of victory over a task each week.

6. Be compassionate… with yourself and with others. A gentle willingness to recognize suffering and find a way to relieve it can have a profound impact on your spirit. Remember that compassion, especially for self, can be small. Too often as mothers and women we beat ourselves up for all the ways we miss the mark but these so-called “failures” are simply part of being human. You are perfectly imperfect and that is often the most beautiful part of who you are.

By Esther Boykin , LMFT

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