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Studies show that kids with an organized work space are more successful in school and beyond. As parents, I think we would all feel fantastic if our kids had not only an organized but also a great looking and inspiring place to live, study, play and sleep. Am I right? Well, it IS possible to have it all! Here are some helpful tips and ideas.

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In this client’s room our goal was to make the space look great as it is visible from the kitchen, family room and breakfast nook AND to have it serve as the main homework, craft and project area for their son and daughter. The black and white color scheme with a pop of red served as a classic and gender neutral palette and the design then flowed with the rest of the main floor scheme. Functionally, each child got their own desk and a counter height craft table served as the centerpiece to the room.

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Every teenager has their own unique style—that is an under- statement, right?! Well this teenager was no exception! As an aspiring fashion designer she conveyed to me exactly what she was looking for—purples, lace, soft yet sophisticated. And she was lucky enough to have her own work space directly off of her bedroom. She wanted this to be her dedicated homework, read- ing and creative nook. And she was thrilled with the outcome! What a fun project this was!

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For those of you with younger children, like myself, you may have a dedicated craft and project space in your home for all of those fun paints, crayons, glue sticks and glitter supplies. Right? Well if you are like me and needed that space to flow with the rest of your home and not look like the school arts and craft room that exploded, here is an example of how to make that happen.

Our home office space was totally under used so I turned it into our craft space BUT it is the first thing that you see when you come into our house. So I wanted it to look ‘finished’, cute and be totally functional and easy to clean up on a daily basis. When all of these elements come together the room can look great when not in use but will also be easier for your kids to maintain if everything has a home to go back to. And the whimsy and creativity that a craft room evokes should be supported by exciting colors and design elements. This is a great spot to let your ideas flow, just in an organized kind of way!

Do you have a space like any of the above mentioned in your home? If you have any questions or need any help, please let me know!

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