So you Want to… Say It With An Email? New Office Rules of Communication

LWMSeptOct2014-Final_Page_38In our fast paced world of “I need IT, Right Now” deciding to send an email or another way to communicate can be tricky. I recently read an interesting article and found the content useful and helpful. Especially I learned from the author- expert new ways to communicate which saves and was also effective.

Empowering, informing and educating is what we do at Ruby Red Press – Woman Media and Publishing. Loudoun Woman Magazine, wants YOU to best incorporate content shared for your personal and professional growth. The author’s insight from, NEW OFFICE RULES OF COMMUNICATION… kind of like a when you should send an email and when you shouldn’t was good stuff!

I am passing it on….

Consider the advice you already know
• Be clear about your communication. Brevity counts – a lot!
• Answer all correspondence promptly – Always with a smile on your face (People feel the vibes of your frown)
• If you don’t want the world to know how you really feel, Do NOT put it in writing.
• Save the questionable email for at least 24 hours in your “save “box and see how you feel after “the moment” and emotions have passed.
Incorporate the New for the Call, Text, IM, Email
• If you need something done within 30 minutes, CALL the person
• If you need something done within 2 hours, TEXT the person
• If you need something done within the workday, IM the person
• If you need something done within the next couple of days, EMAIL the person

Finally… Try to set up an email responder. If time is of the essence and you are not getting a response….Pick up the phone and CALL the person. Sometime, the old fashioned way is not that old after all.

By: Dorri C. Scott, CEO/Publisher Loudoun Woman Magazine, Ruby Red Press, LLC

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