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salamanderThe 45 minute drive to Middleburg, VA from Rte 7 on a cool crisp March morning was just what the Doctor ordered. Everything about our short stay at Salamander was Simply AAAmazing! (as in triple “A”), …Remember the Culligan man? Desperately hoping to be taken away, everything about our one day spa experience and lunch at Salamander Resort was exactly what the doctor ordered. Less than an hour away from most of the metro Washington DC area, a trip to Middleburg and day at Salamander Resort and Spa is a must have experience – SOONER rather than later.

From the moment our Lead Sales Associate, Robin Meyers, and I arrived (we were guests of Dr. Sheila Johnson, President and CEO), each member of her attentive staff made us feel like we were queens. For the day, as it turns out, we were! Every detail and experience related to sharing and spending the day at Salamander Resorts and Spa made Robin and me feel pretty, relaxed, special and pampered.

Oh! What a day we had. Awaiting our personal tour guide, Ms. Vanessa Casas, the Public Relations Manager, had us relax in the lobby and later a living room handsomely styled in hues of blue with rich warm woods carefully appointed throughout the room. Plush couches and beautiful paintings of horses filled the walls and hallways. Game boards with chess or checkers on tables and books carefully placed in the main room added to that feeling of being at home in a private space.
(Later I learned that the living room area is a larger replica of Dr. Johnson’s living room at home.)

Within moments of arriving one might easily feel the pressures of kids, husband, work, worries, stress and “too much to do and not enough time” dissipate. Everything about Salamander is designed and planned to embrace one’s every need as “bliss” is the key word. With a smile and
grace it did not take long at all to unwind, I wondered…”Is there something in the air?”

The feeling of pure relaxation lasted the entire day – from time in the spa which included a facial, a massage and a scrumptious lunch in the Cooking Studio was exceptional.

The Spa offers a unique health and wellness journey tailored to the wellbeing of each guest’s needs. Holistic therapies and products to compliment integrative treatments, the spa offers and uses regional products which promote healthy lifestyle and living.

Amongst the spa and salon services include: Hair, body and skin care treatments. A favorite is the body wrap to renew, contour or slim your skin. The many massage options are a must and I highly recommend the one hour facial. My skin sparkled after the blueberry and anti aging facial. Too the time spent in the sauna room opened my pores and lifted my spirits. Steamy hot and wonderful it felt good – the entire 20 minutes- meditating at its ultimate best.

Discovering the country side with horses was an added value with Equestrian Director Sheryl Jordan who welcomed and shared the power and beauty of horses. Her unique program that includes self-discovery unites horses and humans with the ultimate goal of developing leadership and expertise regardless of one’s experience. Time spent with Sheryl was life-changing. After meeting with her, we have partnered for future events and hope to bring and enjoy an awareness through programs and workshops to educate, empower, inspire and inform.

All in all, Salamander is an experience I highly recommend. Tucked in the country, less than an hour from our nation’s capitol in our great county, Salamander Resort and Spa in Loudoun is simply the BEST!

Salamander Resort and Spa
500 N Pendleton Street Middleburg, VA 20117

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